Who We Are?

Howard Law is a Professional Corporation headquartered in beautiful Orange County, California. We are a small boutique law firm with a national reach. Our experienced team of attorneys and co-counsels represents plaintiffs and consumers from all over the country ranging from simple to complex and high-profile litigation matters. We focus on issues that affect real men and women across this country; therefore, we strive to promote public good through our nation’s civil justice system and to protect and defend every person’s Seventh Amendment right to trial by jury. Howard Law firmly believes that every person should have access to our nation’s legal system, whether they are wealthy, middle-class, or of limited means. Based on this belief, we work hard to offer you the affordable legal help you need, when you need it.

Why Hire Howard Law, P.C.?

We care about your situation. When you hire us to represent your interest, you know you are hiring someone who cares about what happens to you and that we will zealously represent your interest.

We love what we do . At Howard Law, we truly believe that there is no greater honor than being able to represent real men and women in a court of law. No other profession allows you to advocate for your fellow man or woman in that manner. We realize that it is a privilege to represent the people who hire us.

We protect you and the public . As attorneys and advocates, we promote public good and safety through our nation’s civil justice system. What you may not know is that our attorneys are working behind the scenes and outside the courtrooms playing a consumer advocacy role at the state and national level by opposing injustice or by promoting or encouraging fair changes to our existing laws. Our attorneys also tirelessly lobby and seek to correct unreasonable and repressive legislation or court decisions that affect you the most.

Howard Law, P.C. Practice Areas


If someone else's recklessness, carelessness, or intentional wrongdoing, has caused you to have suffered emotional distress, pain and suffering, financial loss and/or death due to physical injury, medical malpractice, or serious bodily injury then Howard Law is here to help. Let our team of experienced attorneys and co-counsel help you get the compensation you deserve from the responsible party.


Applying for Social Security income can be stressful and complicated; our experienced team of Social Security Disability attorneys are here to help you navigate through the process. If you have been denied, or are just starting the application, Howard Law is here to help. Often, the Social Security Administration will deny claimants, knowing that they will not appeal their claims. If your physical disability or a mental disability is affecting your work, let the experienced attorneys at Howard Law fight to get you the benefits you deserve.


Howard Law represents employees who have been wrongfully deprived of overtime pay and who are seeking recovery or who have been the victim of workplace discrimination. In either circumstance, the ordeal can be baffling, and emotionally draining. Let our team of experienced California Labor & Employment Attorneys aggressively represent you and protect your rights.


Our products liability lawyers work with the nation’s most talented attorneys to hold designers, manufacturers, and sellers liable for the harm suffered by buyers and users of their defective products. Thousands of Americans needlessly suffer serious injury or death each year as a direct result of dangerous or defective products. Our mass tort and pharmaceutical litigation attorneys believe that these companies have a responsibility to the community to produce safe products and should do better. The injuries that our clients’ suffer because of these dangerous products can be expensive and life changing. Our network of attorneys works to promote higher consumer product safety standards by holding these companies accountable in a court of law.


Homeowners from around the state are still suffering the effects of our nation’s mortgage meltdown. Californians are losing their homes at alarming rates due to foreclosure. Facing this devastating life event alone is never easy. That is why we are here to help. At Howard Law, we represent Californians who are considering legal action to stop a preventable or unfair foreclosure . Our foreclosure defense attorneys believe servicers can and should do better, and we are prepared to hold them legally liable for violations of your rights or their obligations. At times, it may be better to shepherd borrowers into foreclosure or to seek other means of loss mitigation, but when it is a violation of the law, our foreclosure defense attorneys are prepared to take it to court.


Since the beginning of the mortgage meltdown in 2007, our firm has saved several California homes from foreclosure. Each day our firm is able to help homeowners stop foreclosure sales and obtain loan modifications by assisting Californians from around the state with the preparation and submission of their request to their lenders and servicers to modify the terms of their current toxic home loan agreements.

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Consumer Information The Corporations Don't Want You To Know

Join the legal community, judges, labor and others in our efforts to support adequate court funding for the justice system. Changes in Government spending and budget cuts are affecting your access to our court system. Educate yourself, and learn more with this video . For more information on how you can get involved, click here .


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Deportations stopped for eligible youth.
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