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In the aftermath of a life-altering event, the act of bringing a lawsuit may appear daunting. Whether you’ve been injured in an auto accident, harmed by a defective medical device or mistreated by an employer, there are many factors to consider, from physical injuries and emotional trauma to lost wages and complex insurance issues.

But this is exactly when the legal system can help the most. With the assistance of experienced lawyers, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the legal and medical challenges of your situation. The right lawyers will also aggressively defend your Seventh Amendment right to a trial by jury; and, most importantly, hold accountable the negligent insurance companies and corporations that are intent on shirking their responsibilities.

Who We Are

Experienced. Committed. Diverse.

Howard Law firmly believes that all people should have access to the nation’s legal system, whether they are wealthy, middle-class or of limited means. This country’s democracy is dependent on the accessibility and fairness of our courts, and, as a firm, we work hard to ensure our clients receive the affordable and effective legal help they need, when they need it.

Our experienced team of attorneys and co-counsels represents plaintiffs and consumers from all over the country on litigation matters both large and small and straightforward and complex. As a boutique professional corporation with national reach, we focus on issues that affect men and women across the nation—personal injury, labor and employment and consumer class actions.

We bring more than 90 years of combined legal experience to these areas, which comprise matters as diverse and challenging as car accidents, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination and harmful pharmaceuticals. The injuries suffered by our clients in these cases are serious and life-changing; and, in taking on their cases, we aim to achieve resolutions that will allow them to not simply live, but thrive.

Indeed, our mission, first and foremost, has always been to serve and protect the public, and we’ve realized this goal not only in our practice, but also through our backgrounds in nursing and the military, our leadership in the bar and our nonprofit volunteer efforts. From headquarters in Orange County, California, we continue to promote public good both in the civil justice system and the community.

Why Hire Howard Law, P.C.?

We care about your situation. Our clients mean everything to us, and we prove this through our dedication to their cases. We will zealously defend your interests and make sure your rights are protected. Not to mention, when you call our firm, you can expect us to be honest and straightforward about your case. Our office staff and attorneys are knowledgeable, friendly and always quick to respond to any questions.

We hold defendants accountable. In cases involving serious injuries, future medical costs will often have to be considered in order to ensure your ability to survive down the road. Insurance companies and corporations will fight hard not pay these costs. But we are ready, willing and able to take these companies to task by holding them fully accountable for the negligence that caused your injuries.

We are respected by our peers. Lawyers at the firm have been AV Preeminent-rated in the national attorney rating directory Martindale-Hubbell (AV Preeminent represents the organization’s highest rating for ethical standards and legal ability). Vincent Howard is also listed in Super Lawyers, a peer rating service that recognizes no more than 5 percent of lawyers in the state.

We protect you and the public. As California employment law attorneys and consumer advocates, we promote public good and safety through our nation’s civil justice system. Our lawyers are involved in organizations at both the state and national level that work to protect access to the courts; and in this way they help oppose injustice and promote fair changes to existing laws. Moreover, our attorneys lobby tirelessly to correct unreasonable, repressive legislation and court decisions that affect your ability to have your case heard.

We love what we do. At Howard Law, we truly believe that there is no greater honor than representing deserving men and women in a court of law. No other profession provides the opportunity to advocate for your fellow man or woman in this manner. We therefore consider it a privilege to represent the people who hire us and to serve as a force for positive change in society.

What's Different About Howard Law
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  • Michelle's Story... I have been feeling rotten for so long and anxious..but now I have turned it over to God... I also am happy to be working with the REAL professionals at Howard Law...
  • Thomas’ Story... I had the opportunity to meet with Attorney Terry K. Davis for a consultation for my employment rights as a labor worker. Mr. Davis was extremely knowledgeable and straight forward and walked me through my civil rights and avenues to which I could protect myself.
  • Sean & Kendra’s Story… I was in a horrible multicar accident on the 5-freeway. An armored truck lost control and slammed into the back of me. My car was totaled and I had some pretty bad neck, back, and shoulder injuries. I had no car and no insurance to take care of my injuries. My wife and I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to for help. We found Vincent Howard and met with him.
  • Johnny’s story… I found Howard Law through a personal referral to Vincent D. Howard for assistance with a car accident that I was involved in. The office staff and attorneys are knowledgeable, friendly, and were always quick to respond to my questions.
  • Becky’s story… Attempting to discover a legal counselor can be terrifying. Employment law can be precarious and it’s imperative to pick a lawyer that treats you as a person rather than a number or dollar sign. You never know who you can trust to provide you the genuine information you need.
  • $2,500,000.00 Injury at Construction Site
  • $2,300,000.00 Civil Rights
  • $135,000.00 Racial Discrimination
  • $250,000.00 Medical Malpractice
  • $65,000.00 Bicycle vs. Pedestrian
  • $555,000.00 Sexual Harassment
  • $35,000.00 Rear End Car Accident
  • $1,000,000.00 Sexual Harassment & Retaliation