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Borrowers Increasingly Defend Foreclosures by Asking Lenders to Prove Ownership

June 8, 2011

Our Rancho Cucamonga foreclosure defense lawyers frequently work with clients whose loans have been thrown into confusion by robo-signing, securitizations and other financial slicing and dicing they couldn't control. This has led to confusion in many courts, especially after the robo-signing scandal led courts to start scrutinizing foreclosure paperwork more closely. So we were very interested to see a June 1 article from the Wall Street Journal suggesting that homeowners are increasingly demanding in court that lenders prove their ownership before a foreclosure can go through. The cases, which are in multiple states across the country, include cases where mortgages were not properly assigned as well as cases of documentation that turns out to be false.

The Journal noted that borrowers have been making these kinds of arguments throughout the foreclosure crisis. But according to the article, judges have recently started responding favorably to those arguments more often. In the wake of robo-signing, the article said, borrowers have uncovered problems that go beyond the "clerical errors" that lenders claimed robo-signing was. One problem is incomplete mortgage assignments, when ownership of the loan was never properly transferred. Some of the companies involved have gone out of business, which means the paperwork can't be completed now. Courts have rejected attempts to fix this problem with backdated documents, especially if the documents are dated after the foreclosure attempt or after one involved company has gone out of business.

As Whittier foreclosure defense attorneys, we're pleased that courts are taking these issues more seriously, if this article is right. Paperwork problems don't necessarily mean a home will be saved, if the borrower is genuinely unable to keep paying. However, some of these paperwork problems amount to attempts to lie to the court, and judges rightly dislike and punish perjury. It's also worth noting that the paperwork involved here is not trivial -- it's required to prove that the lender owns the loan and is eligible to foreclose. Asking lenders to prove this is not only reasonable but an important part of protecting borrowers from banks' mistakes and overreaching. And borrowers who have struggled with lenders' bureaucracy for many months might wonder whether the lenders or courts would show them any mercy over technical problems.

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