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Congress Critical of HAMP During Testimony By Treasury and Mortgage Lenders

December 9, 2009

As Garden Grove loan modification attorneys, we already knew that the federal mortgage aid program continues to fall short despite repeated government tweaks and stern lectures to lenders. That's why we were pleased to see an article in the Washington Post Dec. 9 reporting that many Congresspeople also seem frustrated by the program's failures. The House Financial Services Committee heard testimony Dec. 8 from officials at the Treasury Department, which manages the Home Affordable Modification Program, as well as from the mortgage industry. That testimony confirmed the poor record that HAMP has had throughout its seven months, with just 680,000 borrowers out of an eligible four million participating.

The testimony focused on converting trial loan modifications to permanent ones -- a growing issue in recent months. Banks told Congress that conversions are slow because about 70% of borrowers have failed to provide paperwork necessary for the conversion; have provided contradictory information; or haven't made their payments. However, consumers and their advocates said banks continue to lose paperwork and give them a runaround, shifting them from one representative to another throughout the process. Banks themselves acknowledged that "ineffective communications with customers [and] shortcomings in document maintenance" were contributing to the problem, along with customer confusion and in some cases, financial stress. Committee member Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, threatened "drastic action" if banks don't do more to stop the continuing foreclosure crisis.

As Chino loan modification lawyers, we have substantial experience with the obstacles homeowners face when they try to get loan modifications, or make those modifications permanent. In both cases, we have heard similar stories from homeowners about repeatedly lost paperwork, contradictory instructions and poor communications between branches of the same lender. We don't doubt that some borrowers have genuinely failed to follow instructions -- but we suspect that in many other cases, lenders are finding ways to delay or derail the process because foreclosing is more profitable. Media reports are not clear on what action the representatives are threatening to take, and what standards lenders must meet to avoid it, but we hope they pass legislation with penalties for lenders that are clearly not trying. It has become clear that carrots are not working with lenders; Congress should consider a few sticks.

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