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Countrywide Loses Legal Battle to Escape Obligations to Investors in Securitized Mortgages

August 26, 2009

A judge has ruled that federal legislation does not allow Countrywide Financial to void its contracts with investors, the New York Times reported Aug. 19. The ruling means that investors in mortgage-backed securities may go forward with their lawsuit against Countrywide. That lawsuit seeks to enforce contracts saying Countrywide will buy back loans from the investors if it modifies those loans. The ruling was closely watched because its precedent may affect investors in mortgage-backed securities at other lenders, which are under intense political pressure to modify loans.

The current lawsuit was sparked after Countrywide, formerly one of the nation's leading subprime lenders, settled a predatory lending lawsuit brought by state attorneys general around the U.S. In that settlement, it agreed to modify thousands of loans made under unfair or suspicious circumstances. Investors sued to ensure that the buy-back provision would be honored, but Countrywide argued that the suit was automatically voided by the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009. That law gave lenders like Countrywide "safe harbor" from investor lawsuits stemming from the modifications. Nonetheless, federal Judge Richard Holwell in New York ruled that federal law did not apply, and that investors should have a chance to prove their case in state court.

A spokesperson for Bank of America, which bought Countrywide in 2008, pointed out that the ruling did not invalidate the safe harbor argument entirely; it just moved the proceedings to state court. However, as Carson loan modification lawyers, we believe this ruling could be bad for homeowners seeking loan modifications. The safe harbor law was intended to encourage lenders to allow loan modifications, despite pressure from investors concerned that modifications would hurt their investments. If that provision is evaded or invalidated, lenders could face a flood of lawsuits similar to this one. And that would provide a powerful incentive to lenders to do even less than the little they already do to help struggling homeowners change their loans.

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