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Fullerton Debt Settlement Attorneys Work With Agency to Help Consumers Control Credit Card Debt

May 8, 2009

Our Chino Hills debt settlement lawyers were pleased to see a recent press release from our partner, Morgan Drexen Integrated Legal Systems. Morgan Drexen is an essential part of our services for our debt settlement clients, providing administrative and technical support that backs up our legal services. The press release from Morgan Drexen, which has been picked up by publishers around the globe, outlines the services the firm offers to support attorneys like us, who represent consumers who need help controlling and getting rid of their debt.

Our Anaheim debt settlement practice is aimed at people who are struggling with an overwhelming amount of unsecured debt -- debt not connected to physical property like a home or car. Credit cards and medical bills are the two more common types of unsecured debt in the U.S. Rather than declare bankruptcy, which haunts a consumer's credit for a decade, our debt settlement clients retain us to help them negotiate with their creditors for a lump-sum payment that ends their debt. The consumer gets an end to stressful phone calls and massive debt; the creditor gets a guaranteed payment that it might not get in a consumer bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, more and more consumers must consider debt settlement or bankruptcy because of the economic downturn. Credit card companies extend lots of credit when the economy is good. Now that it's not so good, they are reducing credit lines, raising interest rates and sometimes closing accounts, even for customers with no history of payment problems. For people who are struggling with job losses, lower incomes or serious medical problems, this can push them from barely making minimum payments to not being able to pay at all. Debt settlement offers an alternative that harms their credit scores less and ends harassment by creditors.

Howard Law LLP is proud to partner with Morgan Drexen to help consumers reduce serious unsecured debt, enforce consumers' rights to be free of harassment and help them build a healthy financial future. In addition to offering tough debt settlement negotiations, our firm also offers Orange County Fair Debt Collection Practices Act lawyers, who sue over violations of federal debtors' rights laws by aggressive debt collection agencies. If you or someone you care about is struggling with these problems and you'd like to learn more about your legal options, we can help at no initial charge. To set up a free, confidential consultation, please contact us online or call us toll-free at 1-800-872-5925.