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Making Home Affordable Plan to Allow Short Sales as Well as Loan Modifications

May 25, 2009

The Obama Administration has announced an expansion of its foreclosure-prevention program that could help substantially more people, the Washington Post reported May 15. The Making Home Affordable plan announced earlier this year already gives lenders financial incentives to modify loans for some distressed homeowners and refinance the loans of others. The new guidelines would expand those plans to serve more homeowners, including many who are ineligible for the original plan because they owe far more than their homes are worth.

The original plan allowed cash payments to lenders for allowing loan modifications and refinancing. The new guidelines grant cash payments of $1,000 to a lender for allowing a short sale, in which the home is sold to a new buyer for less than the current homeowner owes on the loan. The same payment would be available if the short sale isn't possible but the bank accepts a deed in lieu of foreclosure, where the homeowner simply turns over the keys and walks away. In both cases, the federal government has also pledged to help remove second mortgages or other liens. Homeowners would be eligible for $1,500 in moving expenses.

Perhaps more importantly for homeowners here in Southern California, the plan also includes $10 billion intended to encourage loan modifications in areas where home prices are still falling. As things currently stand, if a lender allows a loan modification and the homeowner defaults again, the lender's losses could be even greater than they would have been if it had foreclosed the first time. The administration wants to insure those lenders against that risk, encouraging them to modify loans.

As Oceanside mortgage loan modification lawyers, we are pleased to see that the administration is thinking of our region. Like other areas that saw extremely high housing prices, we have more than our share of homeowners who are now underwater by well over 5%, the cutoff for federal refinancing help. Under the "insurance" plan, they have a better chance of winning a reasonable loan modification that lowers their monthly payments for good. If that doesn't work out, they have the short-sale or deed transfer options. Those may sound grim, but they keep everyone out of foreclosure, which lessens the damage to buyers' credit and may even end their mortgage debt.

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