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Orange County October Bankruptcy Filings Drop to Lowest Number Since February

November 22, 2010

As Corona personal bankruptcy lawyers, we were interested to see a recent report on bankruptcy filings in Orange County for the month of October. According to a Nov. 16 article in the Orange County Register, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California reports fewer new bankruptcy filings last month than in any other month since February. This may be seen as good news for the struggling Southern California economy, as it represents a decrease in the rate of new filings. However, the article noted, October's 1,568 combined consumer and business filings were still 7.4 percent higher than the number of filings in October of 2009. It's also the largest number of bankruptcy filings on record in the five years since the 2005 bankruptcy law change.

The article suggests that the increase in monthly bankruptcy filings is slowing down from 2008, which saw the biggest gains in the five years since the 2005 law change. That change spiked bankruptcies as filers rushed to file under the old rules. Filings saw a dramatic drop after the new rules took effect, but have risen every year since then, in defiance of predictions made by supporters of the law. They have risen especially sharply since 2008, when the housing crisis took effect. A Foothill Ranch bankruptcy attorney told the Register he sees more middle-class and upper-class bankruptcy filers these days, especially people who own small businesses that folded in the recession. He said he thinks bankruptcy activity will go back down soon, as mortgage lenders start to work seriously with borrowers to prevent foreclosures.

Our Costa Mesa individual bankruptcy attorneys would like to agree, but that has not been the case in our experience. Rather, we've found that mortgage lenders are much more interested in drawing out foreclosures so they can profit off late fees, before ultimately taking the home anyway. In any case, the mortgage crisis is just part of the reason for the large increase in bankruptcy filings. As the article notes, the recession has affected people throughout the financial spectrum, including people whose financial problems stem from a job loss or loss of customers as well as people whose problems are largely mortgage-related. We do agree, however, that the face of bankruptcy is increasingly diverse. These days, bankruptcy filers aren't just people living paycheck to paycheck -- they're people who once had a steady middle-class income, but fell victim to unemployment, slowing business or a major financial catastrophe.

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