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Breaking Laws with No Driver's License in Los Angeles

December 31, 1969

The streets of Los Angeles might be some of the most dangerous out there. We've got Amanda Bynes for one example. Recently, she was spotted driving through the city even though she just got her driver's license suspended. According to the Huffington Post, the 26-year-old actress was pulled over by officers in Los Angeles recently, but has managed to stay out of jail once again.
Sources say that Ms. Bynes was pulled over by officers for driving without her headlights turned on. She was only given a verbal warning and then was sent on her way. It's not clear if her "driver's license" was run by officers, considering it was suspended back on the 6th. She was recently hit with two hit-and-run charges. It's not confirmed if her driver's license has been reinstated or not, but given the circumstances it's highly unlikely.

Our Los Angeles accident lawyers understand that drivers who are busted once are highly likely to be busted again. Recidivism is typical among poor drivers. Bynes was busted back in March for talking on her cell phone while she was driving. She was busted twice in April. One of the times was for a DUI and the other was when she allegedly slammed into another vehicle in the 101 Freeway and then left the scene. She was again busted in May for reportedly sideswiping a pickup truck in Los Angeles. In June she was charged with a misdemeanor DUI. In August she was involved in a car accident in San Fernando Valley. Lastly, she was cited in September with two misdemeanor counts of hit-and-runs while driving on a suspended driver's license.

There are many states in the country that let you check your driving record through a third-party vendor. California is not currently one of those states. If you want to confirm the status of your driver's license or you want a copy of your driving record then you've got to go to the DMV or request a copy by mail.

In California, you must go to the DMV to confirm your status or request a driving record by mail.Not all drivers are able to reinstate their driver's license once it's been suspended. These suspensions can range from 30 days to life.

Some of the most common causes for driver's license suspensions are negligent operation, drunk driving convictions, physical or mental conditions, unpaid traffic tickets, failure to appear in court and getting into a car accident without having any proof of financial responsibility.

The best way to avoid any of these problems is to keep your driving record clean. It's relatively easy. Just keep your driving under control and avoid accumulating excessive points, report all accidents, stay sober behind the wheel, pay your family support and always appear in court when ordered.

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