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Anaheim Hills Medical Malpractice?: Cypress Plastic Surgeon on Probation After Patient Dies

December 31, 1969

The California Medical Board has placed Dr. Lawrence Hansen, a Cypress plastic surgeon, on probation for 35 months following the death of a patient. Maria Garcia, 35, died after undergoing plastic surgery.

Per board documents, Hansen performed a vaginal reconstruction on Garcia in March 2008 at Hills Surgical Institute, an Anaheim Hills outpatient center that was unaccredited at the time. The board contends that Hansen met Garcia just before the procedure and he did not take her complete medical history or conduct a comprehensive exam. Such negligence can be grounds for Anaheim medical malpractice.

During the procedure, Garcia started bleeding. Another doctor, Dr. Harrell Robinson, performed liposuction on her. Garcia then had a heart attack and died.

Documents accuse Hansen of incompetence because he did not check on Garcia after hearing about her health complications. He is also accused of not checking to make sure that the surgical center was accredited. Also, Hansen had not performed this particular type of surgery since retiring from active practice in 2003.

Hills Surgical Institute did get its accreditation five months after Garcia's surgery. However, last December, its director, Santa Ana Dr. Mark Knight, gave up his medical license after he was accused of having sex with a patient while her husband and kids waited for her outside. He also allegedly sexually abused another patient in 2007. Another doctor affiliated with the center, Anaheim Hills urologist Dr. Gary Rheinschild, also lost his license after allegedly botching several penis enlargement procedures. Robinson has had to surrender his medical license too.

Medical Malpractice
Doctors have a duty to provide patients with a certain level of medical care. When that care is not provided and injury, illness, health complications, or death results, the medical professional can be held liable for Orange County, California medical malpractice.

It is important that you work with an Anaheim medical malpractice law firm that understands the type of medical mistakes that can happen and how to prove that medical negligence occurred. Also, some less obvious examples of possible California medical malpractice include failure to obtain a patient's informed consent, as well as sexual assault or psychological manipulation by a medical professional. These are not "typical" medical mistakes but can still warrant the filing of an Anaheim medical malpractice lawsuit.

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