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Another Miramonte Elementary School Arrested for Alleged Los Angeles Sexual Abuse Another Miramonte Elementary School Arrested for Alleged Los Angeles Sexual Abuse

December 31, 1969

Four days after a former Miramonte Elementary School teacher was arrested after being accused of committing lewd acts on 23 kids, a second teacher at the Los Angeles elementary school has been arrested. Martin B. Springer is accused of fondling two girls in his classroom. The alleged victims were about 8 or 7 years of age. The 49-year-old teacher allegedly fondled each of them one time in a classroom. Springer was ordered off the school grounds on Thursday and he was arrested a day later.

Following Springer's arrest, Miramonte Elementary School is reportedly shutting its doors for two days. The Los Angeles Times reports that attendance was significantly lower today following growing anger about the alleged Los Angeles County abuse and the way the school has handled such allegations.

The arrest early last week of 61-year-old Mark Berndt sent shockwaves across the country. How could a teacher allegedly abuse so many kids on school grounds during school hours over a 3-year period?

Between 2008 and 2010, Berndt allegedly abused both boys and girls, blindfolding, binding, and gagging some of them, placing cockroaches on others, and getting female students to swallow spoons filled with semen (as well as cookies with semen on them) all under the guise of playing games. Investigators discovered more than 400 hundred photographs showing the victims in these states. (Already, there are reports that the parents of one of the girls who swallowed semen intend to file a Los Angeles personal injury lawsuit on her behalf.)

Although there is no known connection between the two men and their alleged activities, the New York Daily News is reporting that investigators are looking into whether one of the girls was abused by both Berndt and Springer. The parents of the girl say that when she was in the second grader, their daughter showed them some unusual pictures taken by Berndt. They complained to the school in 2008 but, according to the Los Angeles Times, the principal waved away their concerns. The girl, was, however, moved to Springer's classroom. A few weeks later, she complained to her parents that he had groped her leg and thigh. Her parents say they told police about this but didn't hear back from them.

"If the school knew of possible abuses by any member of the faculty and failed to act to protect the alleged victim or future victims, there is the possibility that the parents of the kids that were allegedly abused may choose to sue the school district and other liable parties for negligence," said Howard Law PC partner and Los Angeles Child Injury Attorney Vincent Howard.

Unfortunately, there have been too many incidents reported involving kids being sexually abused by teachers, coaches, counselors, and other guides and supervisors at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. "We hope that the growing awareness of abuse in schools as a problem will prompt officials to be more careful of who they hire, heighten supervision of school employees, the students and the premises, and cause them to take allegations of Los Angeles sexual abuse more seriously when a parent or a child step forward to complain, said Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Vincent Howard.

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