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Approximately Four Deaths From Back-Over Crashes Occur Each Week

December 31, 1969

According to USA Today, about four families in this country have to bury a loved one killed in a back-over crash each week. The majority of victims are children. "Injuries from an Orange County, California back-over crash can prove catastrophic, and you may need all the help you can get when it comes to paying for the medical care that you or your loved one will need," said Anaheim Car Accident Attorney Vincent Howard.

Now, safety advocates want to know why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is deferring a final rule that was expected to prevent 95 to 112 back-over related deaths and over 7,000 injuries annually. Under the new safety rules, which were supposed to go into effect this week, each new truck and car weighing less than 10,000 pounds that was constructed after September 2014 would come with a rear-view camera. NHTSA says that while it's made progress toward a final rule, it won't be ready to make it official until the end of the year.

According to founder and president Janette Fennell, yet another delay is "disappointing." Already in 2012, at least three kids have been killed in back-over crashes. Recent NHTSA statistics report that there are 17,000 injuries and 228 deaths involving back-over crashes occur each year.

Backover Crashes
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety describes a backover accident as what that happens when an auto backs into a pedestrian or bicyclist. This type of traffic crash usually happens as the driver is backing out of a parking spot or a driveway. Although backover collisions normally happen while the car is moving at a low speed, this doesn't mean injuries or deaths don't happen. Young kids and older adults are the two groups whose members are most likely to sustain fatal injuries from a backover accident.

"Unfortunately, a motorist may forget to look back and check to make sure that there is no one behind the vehicle. While small kids can be hard to see and elderly persons may not be able to get away from a moving vehicle fast enough, this doesn't mean the driver shouldn't exercise the utmost caution to avoid striking someone," said Orange County, California Personal Injury Attorney Vincent Howard. says that about 50 kids are involved in this type of traffic incident each week, with at least two of them killed and 48 ending up in hospital ERs. More than 70% of backover accidents involved a family member accidentally hitting another relative. However, there are also those back-over crashes that occur because a stranger struck or ran over the victim.

Since 2012, the transportation safety agency has been investigating how to prevent backover crashes, and cameras have proven to be the best technology available when it comes to increasing rear-view visibility.

Child back-over deaths devastate families across U.S., USA Today, March 4, 2012

Back Overs, Kids and Cars

Q&A: Backover crashes, Insurance Institute of Highway Safety

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