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At Least 1 Dead and 23 Injured in San Bernardino County School Bus Crash

December 31, 1969

A collision between a church bus and a San Bernardino County Fire Department vehicle has left at least 1 person dead and 24 others injured in the Twin Peaks area. The crash sent the bus, carrying primarily middle schoolers and high schoolers, over a snowy embankment on Highway 189 and down some 20 feet to strike a large tree. The bus was from the Light of Love Mission Church, which is a Korean church located in Pasadena.

It took rescuers several hours to extricate all of the passengers from the bus. Two of the passengers riding in the vehicle that collided with the bus were among those who were injured. Most of the victims were teenagers--several of them in critical condition. Broken legs and ribs are among the injuries, and some of the victims have had to undergo surgery. Killed in the San Bernardino County, California bus accident was the bus driver, Won Chae. The former tour bus driver was a volunteer driver for the church bus.

Bus Accidents
Thousands are injured in bus crashes each year. Most buses don't have seat belts, which means that during a collision, passengers can suffer serious head injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and serious crush injuries. With so many people frequently riding and standing in buses, the impact of an accident and so many people colliding into one another can be catastrophic.

Common causes of bus crashes:
• Driver inexperience
• Distracted driving
• Drunk driving
• Vehicle defects
• Poor weather conditions
• Speeding

Police are trying to determine what caused the catastrophic bus accident.

Regardless of whether the bus driver, a driver, or another party caused your San Bernardino County bus crash, it is important that you start exploring your legal options right away. Proving liability in a collision where a bus is involved can be more complex than proving negligence in a crash involving two cars. The sooner evidence can be gathered and witnesses interviewed on your behalf the better.

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