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Battery Recycling Plant May Be Taking Residents Sick Due to Toxic Exposure

December 31, 1969

Recently, the Los Angeles Times published an article discussing the fury of Los Angeles City Council members about the behavior of a nearby battery recycling plant. According to the Times article, the nearby battery recycling operation is putting as many as 110,000 people in danger. The City Council is urging legal action against the battery recycling plant due to its egregious safety violations. 1401831_industrial_smokestack.jpg

Our Los Angeles injury attorneys know that toxic exposure can have a serious adverse impact on a person's health. Companies performing work or making products have an obligation to ensure they aren't putting anyone at risk and a battery plant that is releasing toxins into the air is not living up to this basic and important obligation.

Battery Plant Exposing Residents to Toxins
As the Los Angeles Times reported, the battery recycling plant is endangering hundreds of thousands of people through emissions of a dangerous toxin. That toxin is arsenic.

Information about the Plant and the dangers it was creating for residents was presented at a council meeting recently by officials from the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The Los Angeles City Council's Committee on the Environment had summoned the officials because the officials had important information about the battery plant and its emissions.

In particular, the South Coast Air Quality Management District was summoned because the District had announced the prior month that the huge battery recycling company posed a higher cancer risk to more people than any of the other 450 business regulated by the District in the last 25 years.

In other words, the battery recycling company wasn't just letting a little bit of arsenic into the air (and really, even a little bit of arsenic is very bad news). No, the company is letting a lot of arsenic into the air and putting nearby residents into a situation where their risk of cancer is significantly increased due to the toxic exposure. While the company is now working to reduce emissions and has installed a door on the entrance to a furnace, this may be too little too late.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District provided this information to the Council when answering questions about the battery plant. The District also told the battery company to reduce the emissions it was letting into the air and to hold public meetings informing people about the risk they are facing.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that all residents will necessarily attend the meetings and be informed of the risk and even those who are informed may not find much comfort in being told that they've been exposed to arsenic that may have increased their chances of developing cancer.

Because of the battery company's egregious safety failure and the danger they created through their emissions, the Los Angeles City Council members are considering legal action. Those residents who live near the plant and who become ill as a result of arsenic exposure may also wish to consider legal action for themselves to hold the company financially responsible for the harm it has caused.

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