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Prescription Drugs and Driving, Causing Accidents in Los Angeles

December 31, 1969

Each day, there are about 10,000 people in the country who hit their 65th birthday.

What's most alarming is that more than 80 percent of these older drivers take medication on a regular basis -- medicine that could potentially affect their driving abilities. About 70 percent of elderly drivers take five or more medications each and every day!

According to CBS San Francisco, about half of these drivers aren't even aware of how their prescriptions and other medications are putting them at increased risks for a car accident.
Officials with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety are here to help elderly drivers and other drivers who might be taking prescription drugs. They've created "Roadwise Rx," which is an online program that allows you to enter in all your medications and receive a detailed report on just how these medications are affecting your safety behind the wheel.

Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers understand that it's not only important to know how each drug affects you, but it's also important to know how these drugs react with one another. Roadwise Rx is going to help you to do that, too! We understand that this online program is targeted toward elderly drivers, but really everyone who currently takes any kind of prescription or over-the-counter medication can benefit from it.

"As we get older, we're more likely to need to take a greater number of medications, which presents an opportunity for problems to occur," said Jake Nelson, Director of Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research for AAA,

You might not think about it, but even over-the-counter medications can put you at serious risks for an accident. Consider allergy medicines. Some of them can even affect you the same way as someone who has had enough to drink to be legally drunk. The problem is that most drivers don't know that medications and prescriptions can have these kinds of side effects.

You have to remember though, that this online tool is not a way for you to get out of going and talking to your doctor. A doctor of your medical professional can still be the most helpful when discussing these side effects and driving risks.

If you're taking a lot of medications and prescriptions and your driving is in jeopardy, it may mean altering your medications is necessary. It many also mean putting away the keys until your health improves. You can ask friends or family members for a ride or you can even take the bus. Whatever you do, just make sure that it's safe!

Concerned about medication use and driving?:

-You don't want to stop taking your medications. Just make sure you monitor their effects on you.

-Talk with your doctor about all of the medications you take.

-Double check the dosages of your medication with your doctor.

-Look into alternative modes of transportation if your medications are affecting your safety.

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