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L.A. Traffic Safety: When are you too old to drive?

December 31, 1969

Recently, a car accident injured 14 people. Eleven of these people were children. Three of them were hospitalized for days. It's not that accident alone that's concerning officials. It's the fact that it was caused by a 100-year-old driver. The man was reversing out of a grocery store parking lot when he failed to stop and kept going right into the group of pedestrians.
This accident, among others, has renewed the debate about how old is too old to drive. Officials continue to debate when drivers should be stopped from driving. Should it be 80? Maybe 90? Or even 100?

Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers understand that there are about 10,000 U.S. drivers who turn 65-years-old each and every day. It's an issue that will be of increasing importance in coming years with the aging Baby Boomer population, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. The older a driver becomes the less likely they are to navigate a motor vehicle safely. We're not saying that drivers should hand over their keys at a specific age. We're just saying that elderly drivers need to be more aware of their abilities behind the wheel as they age. Friends and family members are asked to keep an eye on older loved ones as well.

"I don't think there should be a set age because people age differently," said Ruth Nadel who is now 98-years-old. She was only in her mid-80s when she decided to give up her keys.

She was involved in a head-on accident when her kids decided to get her to hand over the keys. They focused on the fact that she was not to blame for the accident, but said the results could have been much different. They say that she could have been better able to get out of the way of an oncoming car if her reflexes were a little stronger.

California is one of the 28 states in the country that has specific requirements for elderly drivers looking to renew their driver's license. In our state, any driver who is over the age of 70 is required to show up to the DMV in person and take both an eye exam and a written test. The DMV is also permitted to require a physical driving test from these individuals, too!

By 2030, officials estimate that one out of every five drivers in the U.S. will be over the age of 54.

To help our state's elderly drivers, officials have launched the Senior Driver website through the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

As you age, you change both mentally and physically. It's these changes that can hinder your ability to drive. Growing older does not mean you're automatically going to lose your ability to drive, it just means you need to keep a closer eye on your abilities behind the wheel.

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