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Bicyclist Hits Light Pole Escaping Dangerous Driver

December 31, 1969

A bicyclist was injured in a recent accident after slamming into a light pole. It wasn't the bicyclist's fault -- she struck the light pole while trying to avoid being hit by a passing vehicle.
According to the Newport Beach - Corona Del Mar Patch, the accident happened just before 3:00 p.m. at the intersection of East Coast Highway and Jasmine Avenue. The Newport Beach Police Department reports that a vehicle was heading east on East Coast Highway and started to turn left when the driver saw the bicyclist. In attempt to avoid the vehicle, the bicyclist went straight into a light pole that's located on the northwest curb line. Thankfully, the vehicle and the bicycle made no contact. The bicyclist was transported to Hoag Hospital. Officials are still investigating the accident.

Our Newport Beach accident lawyers understand the risks that bicyclists face on our busy roadways. Oftentimes, our pedaling travelers are overlooked by motorists. The truth of the matter is that bicyclists have just as much of a right to be there as we do, and it's important that we recognize this right.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were close to 100 bicyclists killed in the state of California in 2012. These fatalities accounted for close to 5 percent of the total number of traffic fatalities for the entire state during that year. We saw more bicyclist fatalities in 2010 than any other state in the country. It's time to make a change and fix that. That's not a contest we want to win.

To help to make our roadways safer for bicyclists, officials with the California Bicycle Coalition are here to offer bicyclists some safe traveling tips.

-Bicyclists are allowed to ride wherever they want -- as long as they're traveling at the same speed as traffic. According to state law, bicyclists are required to ride as close to the right side of the road as safely possible.

-If you're traveling slower than traffic, then you're required to ride in the bicycle lane provided.

-You're required by law to ride on the right-hand side of the road in the same direction as traffic.

-If you're riding a motorized bicycle, then you're not allowed to ride in a bike lane, path or trail.

-No one is permitted to stop in a bike lane.

-Counties and cities control the use of sidewalks for bicyclists.

-You cannot ride your bicycle on a freeway or an expressway.

-You're not allowed to cross a toll bridge, unless you've been granted permission from the California Department of Transportation.

Your best bet is to stay away from vehicular traffic. Keep yourself as visible as possible. Alert and defensive bicycling habits can help to keep you safe out there -- and they can help to keep you away from telephone poles. Don't rely on drivers to keep you safe. Do it yourself!

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