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Bieber Injures Photographer in Los Angeles Car Accident

December 31, 1969

Teen pop star Justin Bieber might not be the best driver. According to Reuters, the teen hit a photographer with his Ferrari as he was leaving a Los Angeles comedy club. Officers have not yet determined this accident to be a hit-and-run.
Thanks to the paparazzi, there is video of the accident. According to TMZ, Beiber asked for the photographers to get out of the way and he was going to leave, but apparently he ended up punning one of them between his Ferrari and a parked car as he attempted to pull out. Reports indicate that he drove away following the incident.

"The investigation is ongoing," said LAPD spokesman Bruce Borihanh.

Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers understand that Beiber is already being investigated for an accident that happened back in May. That's when his neighbors filed complaints that he was driving way too fast in the community.

Unfortunately, celebrity car accidents aren't all that rare. They seem to make headlines all the time. Just take a look at Yahoo, they rattle off a list of 5 celebrities who have been killed in car accidents.

-Jayne Mansfield

-James Dean

-Princess Diana

-Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly)

- Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

Is still stands true that someone is killed in a car accident every 16 minutes (or about 89 people each and every day), whether it's a celebrity or now. In 2011, there were close to 5,500,000 traffic accidents reported to police officers. In these accidents, there were close to 32,500 people killed and another 2,217,000 people injured. And that's not all! Another 3,788,000 accidents resulted in property damage only.

Some of these people were drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, scooter riders, photographers, moms and dads.

In 2011, 4,347 young drivers ages 15 to 20 years old were involved in fatal
crashes -- a close to 50 percent decrease from the 8,325 involved in 2002. Driver fatalities for this age group decreased by 48 percent between 2002 and 2011. But the decrease doesn't mean we're in the clear. They're still some of the most accident-prone drivers out on our roadways -- regardless of celebrity. That's why it's important to make sure that they're provided with an ample amount of supervision during their learner's permit stages. This is going to help ensure that they're developing the habits that are going to help ensure a lifetime of safe driving.

Until we fix up our own driving habits, there's going to be no change out there on our roadways. Whether we're fighting off the paparazzi or we're just heading home from the grocery store, it's important that we're aware of our surroundings at all times. In traffic there are no second chances. We've got to get it right the first time and stay one step ahead of everyone around us to help ensure a safe ride home (or back to wherever you're going).

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