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Birth Injuries Can Be Grounds for an Orange County, California Medical Malpractice Case

December 31, 1969

At Howard Law, PC, we understand the devastation that comes with seeing your child's future irrevocably altered before his/her life has even started. It can be hard to grasp that Orange County, California birthing errors made either before, during, or immediately after delivery caused your son/daughter serious and debilitating injuries.

Examples of medical mistakes that could be grounds for an Anaheim birthing malpractice case should serious injury or death result:
• Not monitoring the baby's vitals
• Inadequate prenatal care
• Not testing for fetal abnormalities
• Waiting too long to perform a C-section
• Delivering the baby sooner than necessary for no medical reason
• Anesthesia mistakes
• Failure to identify when the baby is in fetal distress
• Failure to properly monitor the mother's vitals
• Poor post-delivery care

Birthing negligence can cause:
• Wrongful death
• Brain injury
• Vacuum injuries
• Hypoxia
• Forceps-related injuries
• Developmental problems
• Hypoxia
• Cerebral palsy
• Shoulder dystocia
• Erb's palsy

Mothers who are injured as a result of medical negligence may also have grounds for an Orange County, California birthing malpractice case.

"For some families, an injury to a child during birth is not just the end of a dream but it changes the course of all of their lives," said Anaheim medical malpractice attorney Vincent Howard. "The emotional, financial, and physical toll that a birth defect can have on a child and his loved ones is irrationally high."

Fortunately, the legal system allows parents to sue for damages, which can help alleviate the cost of full-time nursing care and any other medical services that a child with a severe birth defect may need for life. (In certain instances, at least one parent may have to stop working in order to care for the son or daughter and families are left wondering what could have been if only a surgeon, obstetrician, anesthesiologist, or nurse hadn't made a medical mistake that should have been prevented.)

"No amount of money can make up for what happened to you and your family, but it can provide some financial relief," said Anaheim birthing malpractice lawyer Vincent Howard. "It can also allow you to hold the responsible parties accountable for the harm that has been suffered.

Earlier this year, a jury awarded one couple on the East Coast $58 million because delays in performing a C-section left their son brain damaged and suffering from cerebral palsy. The parents also contend that when the doctor did finally perform the procedure, two days too late, incisions were made in the wrong area.

The boy, now 8, cannot talk or walk. The money will pay for his care for life.

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