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Cal State Long Beach Employee Dies in Los Angeles, California Elevator Accident

December 31, 1969

A woman who works for Cal State Long Beach died yesterday when the elevator she was in malfunctioned, trapping her between two floors. As 48-year-old Annette Lujan tried to get out, the elevator, which weighs over 2000 pounds, moved, crushing her. The 48-year-old Huntington Beach woman was pronounced dead at the Los Angeles County injury accident site.Lujan was employed in the University Office of Research for Grants and Contracts.

Elevator Accidents
Elevator accidents can cause serious injuries, which is why an elevator should be properly maintained and free from any defects that might cause it to get stuck in between floors, suddenly and rapidly descend without warning, or have its doors open at the wrong moment.

Elevator entrapment can lead to asphyxiation, emotional trauma, and panic attacks. If your elevator suddenly goes into freefall, you may sustain physical injuries from the impact of landing. Walking into an open shaft that doesn't have an elevator to step into can be a traumatic and excruciating experience if one is lucky enough to survive.

Common causes of elevator accidents include:
• Mechanical malfunction
• Improper leveling that prevents the elevator from properly lining up with the floor
• Faulty wiring, which can cause accidental electrocution
• Wet floors that can lead to a Los Angeles slip and fall accident
• Inadequate repairs
• Failure to have the elevator undergo routine inspections and/or maintenance
• An elevator door defect
• Rider carelessness

The building owner where a defective elevator is located, the elevator manufacturer, or the maintenance company responsible for inspecting and keeping an elevator working are some of the parties that could be held liable for Los Angeles premises liability, personal injury, or product liability. An experienced Long Beach injury law firm can help you figure out what happened.

Also, if your elevator accident was work-related, you could be entitled to both California workers' compensation from your insurer and Los Angeles injury recovery from other responsible parties. If it was your loved one that was killed in the work accident, you may be entitled to wrongful death recovery and death benefits from the employer.

Elevator accidents kill about 27 people a year, while about 10,000 others are injured. Please call our Los Angeles personal injury law firm. Howard Law, PC would like to offer you a free consultation. Filing a Los Angeles wrongful death claim won't bring your loved one back but it can help you hold the responsible party liable while providing you with some financial relief.

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