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California Drowning Rates Go Up Between May and August

December 31, 1969

According to the Orange County Fire Authority, drowning rates rise by 89% between the months of May and August. Already, the Fire Authority has responded to eight near-drownings in 2012. Six of them occurred in the past week. All of the victims belonged to the 12 and under age group.

Meantime, drowning continues to be the number one cause of accidental deaths of kids under the age of 5.

Per the Consumer Product Safety Commission:
• Between 2007 and 2009, of the about 390 pool/spa drownings involving kids under the age of 15 that occurred each year, 293 of the fatalities were kids under the age of 5.
• Of the approximately 5,200 spa/pool immersion-related injuries involving kids under age 15 that happened each year from 2009 to 2011, 4,108 of these injury victims were kids younger than 5.
• Pools were a factor in most of these injuries and deaths.
• More than half of these incidents occurred at residences.
• 58% of the deaths took place in in-ground pools, while portable pools were involved in 10% of the fatalities.
• There were 7 swimming entrapment injuries reported last year, but no deaths.

At Howard Law, PC, Anaheim drowning accident lawyer Vincent Howard and his team represents the families of children that have suffered serious injuries or died from drowning.

"Swimming pool owners must make sure that their pool is safe for people to swim in," said Orange County, California premises liability attorney Vincent Howard. "When failure to implement the proper safety and security measures causes a drowning, the property owner can be held liable."

Steps pool operators can do to make sure their pools are safe:
• Put up a secured fence or some other physical barrier around the pool so that kids cannot get in while unsupervised
• Install alarms on gates, doors, or windows so an alert goes up if a child enters a spa or pool area without permission
• Install a manual or motorized pool safety cover over the water
• Keep the pool water clean (prevents infections and other illnesses) and clear of debris
• Make sure there are life rings and reaching poles nearby in the event of an emergency.

Safety measures may vary depending on whether it is a private or a public pool. For example, at a public, a pool owner might have a lifeguard on duty.

It just takes a few seconds for a child to drown. For those that are lucky enough to survive a drowning, there may be other serious injuries sustained, such as a catastrophic brain injury.

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Possible liable parties in an Orange County, California pool drowning: pool owner, the person who was in charged of supervising the pool/swimmers at the time of the accident, the manufacturer of a defective pool drain or a hot tub that malfunctioned, and others.

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