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California Family Dies in Red Light Running Accident

December 31, 1969

Two parents and their young children died on Saturday night when a Mini Cooper that ran a red light struck the minivan they were riding. The names of the family members who died in the tragic California car accident are 45-year-old Johnathan Maloney, his 42-year-old wife Susan and their two young children, 8-year-old Aiden and 5-year-old Grace. All four of them were killed upon impact and were pronounced dead at the crash site. The Maloneys had just returned from vacationing in Maui.

According to California police, the driver of the Mini Cooper, 19-year-old Steven Culbertson, first struck a car that was stopping for the red light at the Highway 37 and Lakeville Highway intersection before crashing into the minivan and pushing it into a Mitsubishi Gallant. Three people in the sedan were treated at the hospital for their moderate injuries before they were later released.

Culbertson was seriously injured in the multi-vehicle crash. His life-threatening injuries included serious head injuries. He was pronounced dead on Sunday afternoon. Authorities are trying to determine whether alcohol played a role in causing the deadly California traffic crash.

Police say that Culbertson appears to have lost control of his vehicle. He was traveling at a speed of 70-90 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Highway 37 used to be called "blood alley" because so many fatal car crashes occurred on its roads. The installation of a median barrier along what was considered the highway's most perilous 12 miles decreased the number of California car crashes that occurred there. However, the Lakeville Highway/Highway 37 intersection is now considered the most dangerous stretch because motorists who are driving at highway speeds must abruptly stop their cars if the light turns red.

Red light Running Accidents
Red light running causes serious injuries. Usually the motorist that runs the red light is moving at a fast speed in order to make it across the intersection as soon as possible. This can prove catastrophic for any vehicle or pedestrian that gets in the offending motorist's way.

Tens of thousands of people are injured in US car crashes because a motorist was running a red light. Approximately 1,000 fatalities/a year are caused by red-light running accidents.

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Family of 4, driver killed in Hwy. 37 crash

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Orange County, California Car Accidents
If someone you love was injured in a red-light running accident, an experienced Orange County, California car accident lawyer can determine whether you have grounds for pursuing a personal injury claim against the motorist. There also may be reason to sue a city or county for personal injury if the red light malfunctioned or the road design contributed to the car crash. An automaker can also be held liable if the motorist ran the red light because a vehicle's brakes (or another car part) malfunctioned.