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California Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit: Poor Care Allegedly Caused 80-Year-Old Female Dementia Patient to Suffer Dehydration, Malnutrition, and Infections

December 31, 1969

A woman who says her 80-year-old mother was hospitalized because of the negligent nursing care she received has filed a California nursing home negligence complaint. The plaintiffs in the case are Accentcare Home Health of California, Inc., EHC Management, LLC, and Evergreen at Petaluma LLC.

In the California nursing home neglect lawsuit, Billie Walter says that while receiving home care, her mother, Elizabeth Walter, suffered a broken hip during a fall accident. Billie believes that the health care workers who were sent over by Accent Home Health of California left her mom unattended even though they knew she was a fall risk and was afflicted with dementia.

Following her hip injury, Elizabeth went to live full time at Petaluma Health and Rehabilitation where she became dehydrated and developed serious infections. A few weeks after she was admitted to the nursing home, Elizabeth was transferred to the hospital because of these conditions and due to malnutrition.

Billie is accusing the nursing home company of inadequate staffing at the assisted living facility and making misrepresentation about the quality of care her mother was to receive there, including assurances that Elizabeth would be treated by specialists that actually didn't work at the care home.

Negligent Nursing Care
You should know that you might be able to hold a nursing home company for negligent nursing care received either in private or at an assisted living facility. Orange County, California nursing home neglect can lead to serious health complications, injuries, and even death for patients.

If you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect do not hesitate to notify the authorities, report your concerns to the assisted living facility, and remove your loved one from the unsafe situation as soon as possible. An experienced Anaheim nursing home negligence law firm can help you figure out what to do.

Broken Hips and the Elderly
Not only are elderly seniors at higher risk than others of becoming involved in a fall accident, but also they are more prone to fracturing or breaking their hips. This can be an extremely painful and traumatic process.

The process of recovery and learning to walk again can take its hold on the patient's health, making him/her more prone to health complications, infection, and death. Care facilities and their employees know this and it is their job to prevent such accidents and injuries from happening.

You will want to work with an experienced Orange County, California nursing home abuse and neglect law firm that knows how to prove that an assisted living facility or nursing company was liable for the harm suffered by your loved one. It can be very upsetting to know that the people you entrusted with your family member's care hurt more than helped him/her. You may be able to hold them accountable in civil court.

Nursing home sued for negligence, Petaluma 360, October 27, 2011

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