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Orange County, California Products Liability?: Contaminated Chicken Linked to Urinary Tract Infections

December 31, 1969

According to studies from researchers in Canada, contaminated chicken may be the source of E. coli bacteria that is causing some people to develop urinary tract infections. The findings were published this week in the March issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases. The scientists involved in the study tested more than three hundred samples of chicken, pork, and beef. Their findings showed that bacteria in chicken were more likely to be genetically related to human UTI bacteria than the bacteria from pork and beef. In fact, they said that up to 85% of urinary tract infections are a result of E.coli.

If you believe that you fell ill or developed an infection from eating contaminated food, you may have grounds for an Anaheim products liability case. Food manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and preparers can be held liable for Orange County, California personal injury if they served, delivered, or sold a contaminated or spoiled food item that caused illness or injury.

The lead scientist in the study, McGill University's Amy R. Manges, said that proper preparation, handling, and cooking of poultry can decrease the risk of E. coli infection. However, the research also found that infections more than likely came from the actual chickens and not from contamination from humans when the poultry was processed. The study's authors are recommending that chicken farms take better measures to stop bacterial contamination.

"The entities and persons responsible for packaging, cleaning, and preparing your food--even if just for sale--must make sure they do everything possible to keep the product safe for consumption and free from any contamination that could cause a consumer to fall ill," said Anaheim personal injury lawyer Vincent Howard. "At Howard Law, PC, we represent clients with product defect claims."

Manges expressed concern over the improper use of antimicrobials related to food animal production. She suggested that more judicious use could lower the level of drug-resistant infection in humans. The FDA has been advising that antibiotics not be overused in livestock because this can cause resistant bacteria strains.

Urinary Tract Infection
A UTI impacts the urinary tract, which is the area of the body where the bladder, kidneys, urethra, and ureters are located. Symptoms can include burning or painful sensation when urinating, the urgent need to urinate often, urine turning cloudy or bloody in appearance, pressure or pain in the a woman's pubic bone or a man's rectum, and only being able to urinate a little even when the urge to go is strong. UTI-related complications may include kidney stones, an enlarged prostate, infection, and urethral strictures. For infants and newborns, a UTI can lead to jaundice, hypothermia, and diarrhea. Elderly persons that develop UTI may have very few symptoms until they are suddenly confused, lethargic, or weak.

"Bacterial infections caused by food contamination can result in costly medical expenses, pain and suffering, and time taken off work. In some cases, food contamination may even result in death," said Orange County, California food injury attorney Vincent Howard.

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