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Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Fullerton, Anaheim Included on List of California Cities with Highest Drunk Driving and Underage Drinker Rates

December 31, 1969

Earlier this week, our Anaheim personal injury law firm published a blog post on a study about Orange County, California college students and drunk driving. Conducted by Orange Coast College, the study found that while these young adults do know about the dangers of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, many of them continue do drive drunk. A lot of those surveyed didn't understand the meaning of the term "designated driver."

Now, we bring you the 2010 statistics from California's Office of Traffic Safety. According to the state, there were 10 Orange County, California cities that ranked high on the lists of cities with the highest drunk driving and underage drinker rates: Orange, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills, Fullerton, Laguna Niguel, Buena Park, and Anaheim.

The 2010 figures only included alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes where serious injury or death was involved. (A driver didn't have to hit the legal threshold for drunken driving to be included. Just consuming one alcohol beverage sufficed.) The reason why so many drunken driving crashes occurred in these cities is unclear. According to The Orange County Register, one theory is that beach towns tend to have smaller populations but more bars and tourists. College towns inevitably end up with more underage drinkers. For example, in Fullerton, there are over 60,000 college students in a city that has approximately 50 restaurants and bars.

That said, some Orange County, California cities did score well in the state study. Irvine had the third-lowest alcohol-involved crash rate among mid-sized cities. Rancho Santa Margarita and Tustin had the lowest ratings for underage-drinker collisions. Among small cities, Yorba Linda was top of the list with the best record.

As the victim or surviving loved one of someone injured in an Orange County drunk driving accident, you will want to speak with an experienced Anaheim car crash lawyer about your case. "Drunken driving is negligent driving at its worst," said Howard Law, PC Founder and Laguna Hills Personal Injury Lawyer Vincent Howard. "Separate from any criminal proceeding that might occur against an intoxicated motorist, you may be able to pursue damages not just from the driver, but also from any restaurant/bar/other party that may have overserved him/her."

There are no victors when a drunk driving accident leads to injury or death in the sense that the victim, family and friends, and the drunken motorist all suffer. Yet obtaining compensation from the negligent parties can allow you to hold them accountable (at least financially) while helping you or your loved one cover medical expenses, lost wages and/or benefits, funeral/burial/cremation costs, and other losses that come with the death of someone close to you.

"We know that money cannot bring your loved one back or make whole any catastrophic injuries that you might have sustained, but it can provide you with some relief," said Anaheim Car Accident Lawyer Vincent Howard.

Remember that the other party doesn't need to have acted intentionally or with malice for you to be able to hold them liable.

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