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Costa Mesa Officers Crack Down on Intoxicated Drivers

December 31, 1969

If you're thinking about drinking and driving, you had better think again. Officials with the Costa Mesa Police Department are on the hunt for intoxicated drivers.
In one weekend, officials with the Department and with the California Highway Patrol were able to arrest close to 10 suspected drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. During the weekend enforcement, officers administered a checkpoint on Friday night and Saturday morning. It happened on Newport Boulevard and Fowler Street.

Our Costa Mesa drunk driving accident lawyers understand that there are more intoxicated drivers out there during the weekend than during any other time of the week. This is especially prevalent during the weekend evening hours. To help to combat this problem, officials set up their checkpoint right in the middle of it. They're also hoping that this kind of enforcement also serves as a future deterrent for any driver who thinks they can drink, drive and get away with it.

So how effective was this checkpoint?

-Close to 3,000 vehicles passed through.

-Close to 620 vehicles were screened.

-Officers conducted close to 25 field sobriety tests.

-Close to 10 DUI suspects were arrested.

-One driver was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs.

-More than 5 drivers were cited and/or arrested for driving on a suspected or revoked driver's license.

- There were two additional citations handed out (for offenses other than DUI-related offenses).

-Close to 20 vehicles were impounded or stored.

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, there were close to 209,000 people arrested for DUI in 2009. Of these arrests, close to 6,000 of them were felony charges. The others were misdemeanor arrests. Of these drivers, there were lose to 155,00 convicted of DUI. That's close to 75 percent of them.

While there may have been a lot of drivers busted, there were some who slipped through the cracks, and others who wound up causing accidents. There were close to 1,300 people killed in alcohol-related traffic accidents in 2009. Another 26,000 were injured in these collisions.

With all of that being said, we're asking drivers to be on their best behavior out there. There's never a good reason to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. You should always make sure you have a designated driver to get you home. If you don't have one of those, go ahead and call a friend, a family member or a cab company to come pick you up. If those options aren't available, snag a hotel room or grab a friend's couch. It's a heck of a lot safer than driving under the influence.

If see someone who has been drinking, make sure you grab their keys and help them to get a safe and sober ride home. Your intervention could wind up saving their life, and the lives of innocent and sober motorists out there.

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