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Costco Ordered to Pay Los Angeles County Slip and Fall Victim $415,000 Industry, California Premises Liability Verdict

December 31, 1969

A California jury has awarded a $415,000 Los Angeles County slip and fall verdict to a Covina woman. 58-year-old Monika Leiterman was eating at the food court at a Costco in Industry on April 1, 2009 when she shattered her patella after slipping on a puddle of soap.

According to Leiterman's Pasadena premises liability lawyer, Costco employees had walked by the puddle prior to the Industry, California slip and fall accident, yet did nothing to clean up the safety hazard even though company policy dictates that they take action.

To treat her Los Angeles slip injuries, Leiterman has already undergone one surgery to wire her kneecap together. She will need to have least two other operations.

The Los Angeles County premises liability accident has left Leiterman with permanent partial loss of mobility and function and she will likely experience physical pain for the rest of her life. Her Industry, California slip and fall legal team says that the retail chain never offered to settle and continues to deny responsibility for the incident.

To compensate Leiterman for her Los Angeles personal injuries, the jury awarded her $325,000 for pain and suffering and $89,868.28 for future and past medical bills.

Los Angeles Slip and Fall

As you can see by the severity of Leiterman's injuries, a slip accident can cause serious and lasting damage to a victim. This is why it is so important that property owners remove any hazards on the floor of their premise that could result in someone slipping and falling to the ground.

Other serious injuries commonly associated with Los Angeles slip and fall accidents are head injuries, dislocated hips, broken bones, spinal injuries, and other serious injuries. Even bruises and bumps can leave a victim in serious pain. He/she may have to take time off work. For other slip victims, there may have to be surgeries, pain medications, and therapies. Elderly persons are especially vulnerable to health complications from a slip and fall accident.

"You want to work with a Los Angeles personal injury law firm that is familiar with California premises liability case and knows how to aggressively pursue your financial recovery, said Anaheim slip and fall lawyer Vincent Howard.

Common causes of Los Angeles slip and fall accidents:
• Slippery or wet surfaces
• Weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or ice
• Poor lighting
• Lack of a stair railing
• Negligent housekeeping/improper maintenance
• Uneven sidewalks

"There are steps you can take to increase your chance for compensation especially when going up against a large company that is likely equipped to fight such claims, said Los Angeles slip and fall attorney Vincent Howard. "This is why you want to work with someone you know has the experience and skills to advocate on your behalf."

Covina woman awarded $415,000 following slip and fall at Industry Costco, Pasadena Star News, March 7, 2012

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