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Dad Blames Fraternity at UCLA for Son's Death After Night of Partying

December 31, 1969

The father of Glen Berlin Parrish is blaming the 18-year-old's friends and the fraternity Theta Chi for his Los Angeles death. Parrish died at the US fraternity house earlier this month.

Authorities say the teenager's cause of death was alcohol and possibly prescription drugs. They are trying to determine what happened.

Parrish did not study at UCLA but had been invited to attend a party at the fraternity house on November 3. Witnesses say by early the next morning, he ended up on the back of a basketball court and was "not moving." A friend carried him to a mattress.

Parrish's dad, Glen Parrish Sr., claims that the Theta Chi fraternity and his son's friends were at fault for not notifying paramedics that his son wasn't coherent. He says that after they dropped him on a mattress, the teenager was left unattended for almost 10 hours.

Heavy drinking, hazing, and other shenanigans have been known to result in serious injuries or deaths and fraternities have been sued for California personal injury as a result. An experienced Los Angeles wrongful death law firm can help you determine whether you have grounds for a case.

As the entity in charge of overseeing a house of students, a fraternity can be held liable for failure to protect from/prevent serious injury accidents. It is not a surprise that many students choose to engage in underage drinking within the Greek system and alcohol is commonly involved in many hazing activities at both fraternities and sororities. Events where alcohol is served to minors is also not uncommon.

There also may be other parties that can be held liable. Recently, a former UCDavis student sued the university for ignoring complaints he made over the sexual abuse and hazing he endured while pledging a fraternity. Ryan Clifford claims he was stripped naked, assaulted, molested, and forced to drink a lot of alcohol while attempting to become a member of the Chi Delta chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi three years ago. Clifford believes that he was treated harshly because he was a non-Jewish student joining a Jewish frat house. He says that he told the University several times about what happened to him but no action was taken.

Earlier this year, the mother of George Desdunes filed a $25 million wrongful death lawsuit against the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. 20 former SAE pledge brothers and fraternity members were named as defendants.

Desdunes died after fraternity members took him, tied him up and blindfolded him, and made him drink so much alcohol that he lost consciousness. Instead of taking him to a hospital, he was allegedly kept tied up on a sofa. It wasn't until a housekeeper found him that 911 was contacted.

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