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Dangerous Drug?: Pradaxa Lawsuit Blames Drug for Fatal Bleeding

December 31, 1969

The estate of a woman who died after taking Pradaxa is seeking wrongful death damages from drug maker Boehringer Ingelheim. Gertrude Banks bled to death in April 2011 several days after she started taking the anticoagulant. She is not the first person to experience bleeding problems after taking this medication, which is considered an alternative choice to Coumadin (warfarin) for preventing stroke in patients suffering from atrial fibrillation. The number of products liability lawsuits over Pradaxa is growing.

In California, please contact our Anaheim dangerous drug lawyers to find out if you have grounds for a Pradaxa lawsuit. In the last several months, the US Food and Drug Administration has received hundreds of reports of incidents involving internal bleeding and hemorrhages, with some of the patients bleeding to death. Unlike warfarin, Pradaxa doesn't have a reversal agent that people can take to stop bleeding problems. One of the other common complaints about Pradaxa is that the drug doesn't come with a warning that gives sufficient notice about the lack of a reversal agent. Without one, taking Pradaxa has proven deadly for some.

According to a report published last month in the Journal of Neurosurgery, one elderly man, 83, who was taking this blood thinner died from a massive brain hemorrhage after what appeared to be a routine fall. While initial CT scans showed small, surface areas of hemorrhage in his brain, it wasn't long after that the hemorrhaging got much worse and none of the efforts by doctors to stop the bleeding succeeded. Seeing as many elderly seniors are prone to minor fall accidents, taking Pradaxa could be deadly for some of them.

"It is important that drug manufacturers warn of any risks or dangerous side effects involved, and they most certainly should not market a medication to a demographic that could suffer serious injury, health complications, or death from its use, said Orange County, California Pradaxa lawyer Vincent Howard.

Also according to some researchers, people taking Pradaxa have a 33% greater risk of suffering a heart attack or experiencing the more serious symptoms associated with a heart disease than nonusers. More details about that study were published in Archives of Internal Medicine last January.

Last December, the US Food and Drug Administration announced that it was looking into reports of serious bleeding incidents related to Pradaxa. While the blood thinner's drug label does warn about the risk of bleeding and that this could prove deadly, the FDA is trying to determine whether the bleeding incidents are taking place more often than expected.

"While there are risks involved with taking most medications, when these serious side effects happen too often, they no longer are possible risks but actual dangers and this can turn a medication into a dangerous drug," said Anaheim personal injury lawyer Vincent Howard.

Signs you or someone you love may be suffering from a serious Pradaxa side effect:
• Bleeding from the gums
• Too frequent nosebleeds
• Unusually heavy vaginal or menstrual bleeding
• Uncontrollable bleeding
• Blood in urine or stools
• Inexplicable bruising
• Blood clotting
• Vomiting blood

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