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Deadly Air Bag Defect Prompts Honda To Recall Another 273,000 Autos

December 31, 1969

Honda Motor Corp. says that it is recalling Another 273,000 Acura and Honda motor vehicles over concerns that faulty air bags could prove deadly for motorists. The automaker says it will inspect another 603,000 autos to see if the same defective parts were used when repairing vehicles that had been involved in accidents.

Honda says that the side air bag on the driver's side might deploy too forcefully during a crash and that this might cause the metal inflator casing, which holds the explosive propellant to rupture. If this were to happen, then the pieces of the casing could expel, causing injuries. Takata, which is a parts supplier in Japan, made the air bag inflator.

This is the fifth recall announced by Honda over the same issue. (The number of vehicles affected is now at over 2.5 million.) The automaker expanded the recall after finding out that another driver had gotten hurt.

Autos involved in this latest recall include the:
• Civic (2001 - 2003 models)
• Accord (A number of 2001 - 2002 models)
• Odyssey (2001 - 2003 models)
• CR-V (2002 and 2003 models)
• Acura 3.2 TL (2002 and 2003 models)
• Acura 3.2 CL (2003 model)

While airbags that work properly can save lives, defective ones can prove dangerous during an Orange County, California car crash. Our Anaheim products liability lawyers are familiar with the serious injuries that can arise because of an air bag defect or another defective auto part. Please contact us to request a free case evaluation.

Common problems with defective/malfunctioning air bags that can cause Los Angeles personal injury or wrongful death:

• Failure to deploy
• Delayed deployment
• Deploying too forcefully
• Deploying when it shouldn't
• Parts shrapnel during deployment

An air bag that doesn't go off (or goes off too late) can cause the vehicle occupant to ram into the steering wheel, windshield, or another part of the vehicle, potentially resulting in internal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or spinal cord injuries. An airbag that goes off too forcefully could cause serious impact injuries, including chest injuries, neck injuries, blindness, hearing loss, thoracic trauma, lacerations, burns, leg and arm fractures, and abrasions.

It's bad enough being involved in a catastrophic collision without having one of the vehicle's safety features fail when you need it. Auto manufacturers can be held liable for this.

A few other serious auto defects that can be grounds for Orange County, California wrongful death or personal injury:

• Tire failure, including blowouts and tread separation
• Seat belt defects
• Seatback collapse
• Brake malfunction
• Sudden unintended acceleration
• Steering wheel failure
• Rollovers
• Roof crush
• Failure of vehicle to exhibit the appropriate level of crashworthiness

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