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Disneyland Sued For Allegedly Exposing Visitors to Lead

December 31, 1969

In Orange County Superior Court, the Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation has filed a lawsuit accusing Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S. Inc. of exposing kids to excessive levels of lead at Disneyland. The environmental group wants the amusement park to either put up health warnings or cover up the items and attractions that it believes contain too much lead.

Among the items at Disneyland the environmental group says has too much lead:

  • Doorknobs and drinking fountains at popular attractions, such as the one at Minnie's house
  • Brass rail chains
  • Leaded glass windows, including the ones at the beauty salon in Cinderella's castle
  • The handle of the sword in Sword in the Stone attraction
Meantime, Disney says the allegations are unfounded. The company also maintains that it has followed the law and posted warning about fixtures and figurines that contain lead.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Mateel conducted wipe testing, which imitates what occurs when someone has physical contact with items that are tainted with lead. Test results showed that lead exposure on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, the Haunted Mansion, and the Peter Pan ride was above .5 micrograms/day--state law mandates that anything over this amount must come with a warning.

Lead Poisoning
While the development of serious side effects from lead poisoning doesn't generally occur from having contact with too much lead just once, exposing kids to too much lead is never a good idea. Please contact our Anaheim personal injury law firm if you suspect that your son or daughter got sick or developed disabilities because of lead poisoning.

It wasn't until 1978 that lead in paint was banned for use in houses. Unfortunately, there are still homes that were made before then that may still be using paint containing too high levels of lead. Even if the paint has deteriorated to dust and chips, this still can seep into the air and cause health complications. That said, all property owners should make sure that kids and adults are not exposed to high levels of lead while on their premises.
Also, In recent years, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has had to recall millions of toys and kids' products because they contained too much lead. Many of these toys were made in China.

A child's body will more easily absorb lead into its gastrointestinal tract. Lead poisoning can cause permanent injury, as well as inattentiveness, irritability, and hyperactivity. Lead exposure can impact the brain, cause learning disabilities, hearing loss, delayed growth, permanent brain damage, and even death.

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