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Doctor Accused of Irvine, California Medical Negligence for Overprescribing Medicine Loses His License

December 31, 1969

Dr. Dariush Javanshir's license has been revoked because he overprescribed medication to a patient a month before the latter died from a painkiller overdose in 2007. According to records from the Medical Board of California, the Irvine doctor provided the patient, a man in his 60's suffering from depression, with an unacceptable level of medical care, was negligent on multiple occasions, and failed to keep solid medical records.

"Orange County, California medical negligence can have fatal consequences," said Howard Law, PC partner and Anaheim medical malpractice attorney Vincent Howard. "Medical professionals that fail to provide a patient with the standard of level of care can be held liable if serious injury or death results."

The patient, whom Javanshir began treating in 2002, was suffering from suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, low back pain, diabetes, panic attacks, and drug addiction. Between November 2006 through April 2007 Javanshir prescribed 1,120 lorazepam pills, 90 Valium tablets, 180 Ambien tablets, and 2,245 propoxyphene tablets. The reason that the doctor provided for authorizing the meds is that the patient was going to Afghanistan. However, Javanshir's medical records show that he, in fact, was aware that his patient was planning on sending the medication to friends and family there. Regardless of whether the extra medicine was for the patient or for others, both reasons are not acceptable for why a doctor would prescribe opiates to someone.

Irvine Medical Negligence
Prescription errors are a serious matter, even when the medication isn't a heavy-duty drug. Depending on the drug, the dose administered/taken, whether/not the person is taking other medications, and/or how it impacts the patient, the outcome could prove deadly or result in serious health complications. (Some other possible common effects of medication mistakes include fatal overdose, kidney damage, internal bleeding, brain injury, hypertensia, liver damage, permanent disability, chemical burns, bleed outs and coma.)

"For a doctor to purposely prescribe the wrong dose whether to enable a patient or for personal profit is Irvine medical negligence," said Orange County, California medical malpractice attorney Vincent Howard.

This is not the first time that Javanshir has been accused of medical negligence. In 1995, he allegedly overprescribed meds to someone without conducting a proper physical. He was later disciplined for failing for prescribing medications to patients for conditions they weren't suffering from and for failing to conduct a proper exam on one person who was experiencing headaches and stomach pain.

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