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Eating a Primary Distraction Blamed for Traffic Collisions in Southern California

December 31, 1969

Eating on the run has become a way of life for many people.

Whether you are grabbing a quick bite to eat on the way to dropping your kids off at after-school activities; having breakfast on the way to work; or gobbling a snack during the day, there is a good chance that you've dined in your vehicle recently. If you have eaten in your car, you aren't alone.... but you and the other dining drivers may be putting yourself at risk. 1361202_delicious_bacon_avocado_sandwich.jpg

Our Costa Mesa accident lawyers know that eating while driving can be dangerous. Unfortunately, this type of distracted driving is common and many people choose to take on the risks that go with dining and driving. In fact, a recent UK study shows just how many people may be eating during their commute.

How Many Drivers Eat Behind the Wheel?

According to Automotive Fleet, a recent poll of 2,000 motorists in the United Kingdom took a look at the prevalence of people who eat and drive. According to the poll:

  • Around 2/3 of all drivers admitted to eating and driving.
  • One out of every 12 drivers indicated that eating behind the wheel is commonplace and that they eat as they drive between five and ten times every single week.
  • Twenty-six percent of drivers said that they snacked behind the wheel but did not eat a full meal.
  • Twelve percent of drivers said that they had their breakfasts as they drove.
  • Nine percent reported that they consumed lunch behind the wheel.
  • Four percent said that they ate their dinner or evening meal as they drove.
  • Chocolate was the most common food consumed behind the wheel. Chips and sandwiches were the next two most commonly consumed items.
  • Ready-made pastas and meals were among the top 10 foods consumed while driving.

This data shows that a high number of people are eating and driving every single day in the United Kingdom. These numbers are surprising because 77 percent of British drivers believe that it is dangerous to eat and drive, while 55 percent support making it illegal to eat while operating a motor vehicle.

Drivers who voiced their opinions on the dangers of eating and driving are right. It is risky to consume food while operating your car because you need to take your hands off of the steering wheel in order to eat and because you may also need to take your eyes off of the road. A portion of your brain energy is also going to be focused on eating, which means that you devote less of your attention to other cars on the road and to avoiding a crash.

Unfortunately, this is not just a problem in the United Kingdom either. It is likely that just as many people, if not more, are eating behind the wheel each day in the United States. These drivers are endangering themselves with this type of distracted driving and they are also putting others in harms way if they cause a crash as a result of being focused on their food instead of the road.

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