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Elderly Woman Awarded $1.3 Million California Nursing Home Neglect Verdict

December 31, 1969

In California, a jury awarded a nursing home resident almost $1.3 million over injuries she sustained while staying at the Leisure Palms nursing home. Stinson is an Alzheimer's patient who was recovering from hip surgery when she fell at the California nursing home on December 31, 2006. She was 82-years-old when the fall accident happened and it took 10 months for her to recover.

Her California nursing home neglect lawsuit contended that she broke her ribs, punctured a lung, and sustained a head contusion when she fell. Her complaint accused the assisted living facility of failing to properly train staff members and neglecting to provide her with the care that she needed when the nursing home knew she was a fall risk and had a tendency to wander.

Stinson claims she fell three times while staying at the California long-term care facility. Following the fall accident on December 31, 2006, she says staffers did not notify her family or doctor that she got hurt and she wasn't provided any medical care until her husband came to visit the next day and saw that she was unresponsive.

The California nursing home neglect verdict awards Stinson $88,000 for past medical costs, $750,000 in punitive damages, and $500,000 in general damages.

While there is no guarantee that a California nursing home will provide a resident with the proper care, there are steps that you can take to possibly decrease the chances of abuse or neglect. One way to do this is to visit the assisted living facility, talk to staff members, check out the facilities, and watch residents interact with the nurses.

You can also check out the Medicare Nursing Home Compare Web site to find out how a particular California nursing home rates compared to others in the area. That said, the federal ratings Web site is earning mixed reviews from consumer groups and industry members that are questioning how accurate of a picture the 5-star rating system can actually convey of the care provided at each facility, so you may not want to solely rely on this resource to assess the care a loved one might receive at a California assisted living facility.

Despite a loved one's best efforts, nursing home neglect and abuse does happen in California assisted living facilities. Our Orange County, California nursing home abuse law firm knows how important it is to remove your loved one from a dangerous living situation the moment you suspect that he or she is the victim of abuse or neglect.

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