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Huntington Beach Boat Accident Blast Injures Eight People

December 31, 1969

A gas leak may have caused a boat to explode in Huntington Harbor this morning. Eight of the nine people aboard the 26-foot power boat had to be treated at hospitals. The boating accident victims ranged in age from their teens to age 50.

The vessel, which was going to Long Beach, was only 2-3 minutes away from the harbor's main public launching ramp when the boat operator noticed the leak and told the passengers they should return to port. That is when the Huntington Beach boating accident happened, which caused the explosion.

Eight of the passengers had to be pulled from the water following the blast. Injuries included scrapes, broken bones, bruises, and possibly burn injuries. According to Sheriff's Deputy William Nelson, boat explosions usually occur when a gas leak is sparked.

If you were injured in an Orange County, California, there may be a person or party that should be held liable. Negligence would likely have to be a factor for this to occur. For example, if someone did not behave the way a reasonable person would be expected to under the situation and instead, committed careless, reckless, or irresponsible actions.

There are federal and state agencies in charge of boat safety. That said, despite the efforts of the United States Coast Guard and the other agencies involved to prevent boating accidents, it is still up to boat operators, passengers, boat maintenance workers, boat manufacturers, and others to do what they can to minimize the chances that a Huntington Beach boating accident will happen.

2010 Boating Accident Facts (US Coast Guard):
• 4604 US boating accidents
• 672 boating deaths
• 3153 boating crash injuries
• Nearly 75% of boating accident victims that died drowned
• Common cause of boating accidents included improper lookout, operator inattention, inexperience, alcohol, and speeding
• Other leading causes include strong waves, dangerous waters, machinery failures, road rules, and weather conditions
• Alcohol was the number one cause of fatal boat crashes
• 21 of the victims that died last year were under the age of 13

Examples of common boat accidents:
• Capsizing
• Sinking
• Grounding
• Flooding
• Falls overboard
• Ejected passengers
• Explosions or fires
• Boat accidents involving a towable device, such as a water-skiis
• Boat collision with another vessel
• A boat crash involving an object
• Propeller injury
• Carbon monoxide exposure
• Electrocution accident
• Swimming accidents
• Related natural causes

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