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Huntington Beach Police Brutality Lawsuit Alleges Inappropriate Touching, Unlawful Arrest, and Excessive Use of Force

December 31, 1969

Two people are suing the city of Huntington Beach and its police department for Orange County, California personal injury. Eric Anderson and Nadsya James Mohoff are seeking unspecified damages for injuries they claim they sustained on September 25, 2010.

According to the two of them, police arrived at their home wanting to know who owned the Dodge Charger that was parked in the driveway. After Anderson told them that the vehicle belonged to a friend who was visiting, the officers asked to speak with this person.

Anderson contends that when he closed the door to go get the friend, the officers started pounding on it. Mohoff, unaware that Anderson had talked to the police, then opened the door. They asked her about the car but she said she was not certain about the owner. They then requested to come inside and she claims that she told them they couldn't because they had no warrant.

In their Huntington Beach personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiffs say that the police grabbed Mohoff with force, threw her onto the ground, placed body weight on her, and forced her arms behind her back before cuffing her. She also claims that one of the cops went under her skirt, "making contact with her genitalia." Anderson, who had by then come into the room, was also allegedly thrown onto the ground and handcuffed.

Charges that were filed against Anderson for battery on a peace officer and resisting a peace or public officer have since been dismissed, as were the charges against Mohoff for resisting a public or peace officers.

Orange County, California Excessive Use of Force
"Police violence is behavior that cannot be tolerated," said Howard Law, PC Founder and Huntington Beach Police Brutality Attorney Vincent Howard. "Unfortunately, many people don't realize that something wrong has been done to them when they have been on the receiving end of this type of inappropriate behavior or that their rights have been violated."

Some people may also be too scared to come forward because they don't want attention placed on a previous criminal record, or, if they are engaged in some kind of illegal activity, they are worried that their wrongdoing might be discovered. People who are in this country illegally may also be too afraid to report that they have been the victims of that have been victims of Orange County, California police brutality for fear of being deported.

There are specific protocols and procedures that law enforcement officials must follow. This includes refraining from using unnecessary force unless warranted. Even if the officer wasn't acting maliciously when exerting excessive force, this conduct is inappropriate and may constitute a violation of your civil rights. Sexual assault or inappropriate sexual touching of any type is also not acceptable behavior.

"Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by law enforcement officers and the authority they wield," said Huntington Beach Personal Injury Attorney Vincent Howard.

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