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Illegal Street Racing Kills California Teen

December 31, 1969

Over a thousand people filled the seats at the New Horizon Church recently for the funeral of a local young man who was killed in an accident in late December. Everyone in attendance wore camouflage, as asked by the family.
According to NBC17, the young man killed in the accident was a junior at Hillsborough's Orange High School. Many students left class early to attend the funeral.

"It's just really heart-breaking. Everyone loved him. He's had a really big heart," said Colin Ware, a friend of the victim.

Our Los Angeles injury attorneys understand that the accident was the result of what authorities are calling a "prearranged racing incident." The young drivers were racing their pickup trucks along Little River Church Road when the victim lost control of his vehicle and crashed right into a tree. Two were killed and another two were injured. Passengers were not wearing their seat belts.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were close to 150 people killed in illegal street racing in 2001. During this same year, the state of California cited about 1,000 people for illegal street racing, according to the NHRA.

Across the county, officials estimate that about 50 people are injured for every 1,000 people who participate in these illegal driving actions. Some believe the number is actually much higher as not all injuries are reported. Younger drivers are hesitant to report injuries that resulted from an illegal act.

If you're busted street racing:

-Your car can be impounded for 1 month. You're going to have to pay a lot to get that car out, too!

-You can be arrested. No one should want to go to jail for dangerous driving.

-If convicted, you can serve time behind bars and can be fined $1,000. You could also be required to pay court costs as well as other fees and fines.

-Spectators of illegal street racing can get in trouble, too! Don't encourage the act.

-Your car insurance company can cancel your coverage. No one wants to cover such a dangerous driver.

-Cars in and around illegal street races are often issued equipment violations. You should not promote the act of street racing or drag racing.

-Your driver's license can be revoked. You could never receive the privilege of driving ever again.

Individuals between the ages of 15 and 29 are most commonly killed in these kinds of accidents. They account for about 60 percent of the fatalities, followed by those between the ages of 30 and 44 (accounting for more than 10 percent). Most specifically, individuals aged 17 are most commonly killed in these accidents, accounting for about 10 percent of the incidents.

Talk with your young driver about the risks associated with illegal street racing. It's not cool -- it's dangerous.

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