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Injured Worker Warrants Investigation of NCIS Production Set

December 31, 1969

During the filming on the CBS television show "NCIS: Los Angeles," a camera operators was sent to the hospital. According to the Los Angeles Times, the accident happened during the filming of a stunt scene at the Burbank Airport.
Our Los Angeles workers' compensation attorneys understand this incident is actually the latest of several accidents on movie sets to occur in the Los Angeles area in the past few months. Earlier in February, a pilot and a crew member were killed in a helicopter accident while they were filming a series for the Discovery Channel. This has been called the worst accident in the state of California in the last 30 years. Now, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the FAA are investigating.

Back in January, there was a stuntman who sustained serious head injuries while filming "Castle" for ABC.

Last year in September, a man drowned in a water tank while working to prepare the area for the Walt Disney Movie "The Lone Ranger." Cal-OSHA is still investigating that accident.

There are a number of movies and TV series that have seen some serious injuries during production, including:


-The Phantom of the Opera

-The Invasion

-The Twilight Zone

-The Final Season

-3:10 to Yuma

-Casino Royale

-PS I Love You

-Blues Brothers 2000

-Cinderella Man

-Moulin Rouge



-The Wizard of Oz

-Pearl Harbor

Filming those action-packed films for movie goers comes with a cost and with some serious risks -- all in the name of entertainment. Movies are reflections of fantasy and adventure and often portray scenarios in which people's lives are put in peril or are indeed taken. However, in reality, film making accidents do happen and people do get hurt.

Hollywood is where most movies and shows are created and filmed. It's critical that these productions, whether big screen motion pictures or even small-budget commercials, follow a strict safety protocol.

Common Causes of Filming Accidents:

-The improper use of equipment.

-The neglect of safety equipment.

-The improper use of explosives that are used for special effects.

-Damages caused by improperly installed equipment.

-Failure to obtain appropriate permits prior to engaging in production.

If you were working on a movie or television show set, your injuries can be covered under workers' compensation or by third-party liability lawsuits. An experienced attorney can help to review each and every element of a claim. Determining liability, fault and whether such harm was assumed is important in deciding whether to bring a cause of action.

Common Injuries Acquired during Filming:

-Broken bones.

-Psychological damages (Commonly a result of explosions).

-Neglect to inform and educate of injury possibility.

-Eye damage.

-Nerve damage.

-Ruptured ear drums.

-Loss of sight.


-Traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

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