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Irvine Man Suffers Fatal Head Trauma After Being Struck by Flying Debris That Crashed Through Windshield On I-55

December 31, 1969

William Donovan, a 60-year-old Irvine man has died, from a major head trauma that he sustained when a metal object smashed into the windshield of the car he was driving on I-55N in Santa Ana, California. The collision he was involved in caused several other accidents.

California Highway Patrol officials believe that the metal object had come from another motor vehicle. They are asking anyone who knows anything about the Santa Ana car accident to contact investigators.

Flying Debris
Whether it is a vehicle part that has come loose off another auto, an object that has flown off the back of a truck, or any other item that ends up crashing into a motor vehicle, flying debris can be very dangerous, causing serious injuries. The specifics of each incident will determine who can be held liable. For example, if an auto part failure or defect caused that part to come off the vehicle, then the part's manufacturer or the automaker could end up being pursued for damages. Or, if it was the driver that forgot to properly secure an item onto a vehicle, then he/she might be the one held liable.

There is also the debris from road construction sites. If these objects aren't properly secured or cleared away so that they don't cause an Orange County, California motor vehicle crashes, a government entity and/or any other parties overseeing the work site might be sued for injury or death.

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It is important that you contact a Santa Ana injury law firm as soon as possible to start exploring your legal options. This will also allow them to examine any crash evidence while it is still fresh. There could even be more than one liable party.

"It can be hard to figure out which direction to turn when trying to pursue damages, and the other party's insurer might even pressure you into settling before you fully understand the extent of their injuries and damages," said Anaheim car accident lawyer Vincent Howard. "This is just one of the many reasons why it is good to get legal help."

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