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L.A. Personal Injury Attorneys Wish You a Safe Labor Day Weekend

December 31, 1969

Fuel costs might still be on the rise, but that's not stopping families from hitting the road over the Labor Day weekend. According to AAA, this Labor Day weekend is the third increase in holiday travel that we've seen in the country this year.

From the 30th of August through the 3rd of September, officials estimate that there will be nearly 35 million Americans who will travel more than 50 miles from their home. This serves as a near 3 percent increase from 2011, according to the Los Angeles Times.
The national average for a gallon of gasoline currently sits at about $3.72. That's about 22 cents higher than it was about a month ago and nearly 15 cents higher than it was during this time in 2011. The AAA says that the increase in holiday travel is a sign of improving consumer confidence and "Americans' unwavering desire to travel."

Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers understand that our streets are going to be packed during this holiday weekend. With more cars on the road, we typically see more car accidents. As a matter of fact, officials with the National Safety Council (NSC) are estimating that nearly 410 will be killed in car accidents over the weekend. They also estimate that another 40,500 people will be injured during this time.

Nearly 70 percent of travelers say that their current financial situation isn't going to damper their Labor Day weekend. Of those who said that their finances are going to play a role, more than 20 percent said that they were just going to offset those concerns by taking a shorter trip, spending less or stay with friends of family members instead of getting a hotel room.

Of the near 35 million people who will be setting out over the Labor Day weekend, more than 80 percent say that they'll be using a motor vehicle. That's a more than 3 percent increase from the year before. Just a little over 2.5 million will be getting there by plane, which serves as a 3.7 percent increase over last year for this transportation mode.

Officials with the NSC remind drivers to wear their seat belts during every car ride. Nearly 150 people might survive the holiday weekend because they're wearing a seat belt. They add that more than 100 additional lives could be saved if all motorists were to wear a seat belt.

To help keep you safe on our roadways, NSC officials also ask that you stay sober behind the wheel. The Labor Day weekend is one of the most common days for drunk driving car accidents. Make sure that you always have a designated driver if alcohol is involved in your weekend's plans. They would also like to remind you to keep distractions out of the driver's seat. You should never take your eyes of the road, your hands off of the wheel and your mind off of driving.

Make sure you leave for your Labor Day weekend destination with plenty of time to spare. Our roads are going to be congested and traffic may get backed up. Avoid frustration and look up traffic, road and weather conditions before departing. Your safe and responsible driving habits might be the key to staying out of a potentially fatal car accident over the holiday weekend. Happy Labor Day and please be safe!

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