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11 Cops Fire Over 60 Shots As Los Angeles Police Pursuit Through Koreatown Turns Deadly

December 31, 1969

Did Los Angeles police officers use excessive force when apprehending a suspect after a slow-speed police chase in Koreatown turned deadly yesterday? The family of this man will very likely want to know.

The fatal shooting happened on Thursday after LAPD officers chased a man accused of stealing two cars, one in San Bernardino and the other in El Sereno, California When the suspect later pulled into a Koreatown parking lot, 11 officers started shooting at him, collectively putting out over 60 shots. They say he was armed.

According to authorities, the man had pointed his weapon at gas station customers. However, even if this is true, what may come into question is whether the police officers used too much force to bring him down. If this proves to be the case, his family could have grounds for a Los Angeles wrongful death case.

"While police officers may have to use force when apprehending a suspect, they must never use more force than necessary--even in the heat of the moment," said Howard Law, PC Partner and Los Angeles police brutality attorney Vincent Howard.

The LAPD, the Police Commission's inspector general, and the district attorney's officer shooting team, will be investigating how force was used in this instance. Such probes are routine and take place anytime an officer is involved in the shooting.

However, it will be important to determine whether anyone was in danger to warrant that the officers shoot the man down. Another matter to look into is whether it was necessary for so many officers to fire at him so many times. Would even just one or two bullets from one or two officers have disarmed the suspect so he no longer posed a threat to others or himself? Could police officers have apprehended him without killing him?

"Even if the authorities don't believe that excessive use of force was involved, you still may be able to pursue Los Angeles injury damages against the police," said Los Angeles excessive use of force lawyer Vincent Howard. "A civil case is separate from any criminal proceedings and the outcome of one doesn't affect the other."

Even if the use of excessive force was accidental or brought about due to the urgency or the heat of the moment, this is not a good enough excuse for someone to get hurt. It doesn't matter whether the person is a murderer, a carjacker, or someone accused of committing any crime. Every person has civil rights that must be respected and this includes protection from too much force (the abuse of force) by police.

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