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Lindsay Lohan Sued for Los Angeles Personal Injury by Pedestrian

December 31, 1969

More legal trouble for Lindsay Lohan as she finds herself the defendant of another Los Angeles motor vehicle accident lawsuit. This time, the plaintiff is a woman who claims she suffered serious, disabling injuries when she was struck by the actress's Maserati. Nubia Del Carmen Preza is seeking damages for personal injury, anguish, pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills.

Preza says she was walking through a West Hollywood intersection in September 2010 when the Los Angeles pedestrian accident happened. Lohan's spokesperson says that they haven't seen the complaint yet.

It was just earlier this month that a member of the paparazzi sued Lohan for injuries he claims he sustained in a Los Angeles traffic accident involving Lohan who was the passenger of another car. Grigor Balyan says that while taking pictures of the actress he was hit by the vehicle transporting her as it rushed to leave a Hollywood club. He says he sustained neurologic and orthopedic injuries.

Last year, Lohan settled another Los Angeles car accident lawsuit filed by Tracie Rice, who was riding in a car driven by the mom of Lohan's ex-personal assistant, who had just quit that job. Rice sought damages for infliction of emotional distress and assault after Lohan chased their vehicle in 2007. Rice said she feared for their lives.

Lohan was arrested by police and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, bringing a controlled substance into custody, possession of cocaine, and driving on a suspended license. She later pleaded guilty to drugged driving, drunken driving, and reckless driving.

Meantime, another Los Angeles injury lawsuit against Lohan over the same incident is still pending. Ronnie Blake, Dante Nigro, and Jakon Sutter say Lohan endangered them when she hijacked their vehicle while they were still in it to pursue the other car.

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