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Long Beach Woman Files Claim Against Newport Beach for Alleged Police Sexual Assault

December 31, 1969

A 23-year-old Long Beach, California woman has filed a claim against the city of Newport Beach because she says that police fondled her during a search. Her Orange County, California police brutality claim is seeking at least $1 million for the severe emotional trauma that she experienced as a result of the February 21, 2009 incident.

The plaintiff says that at around 10:30 at night, a Newport Beach cop signaled her to stop her car even though she had not broken any traffic laws. When she rolled down her window, she says the police officer used a threatening tone of voice to ask her where she was from. She says he yelled at her, demanding she identify her nationality.

The plaintiff says she "politely" told him she was American and he shined a flashlight beam into her face. After appearing to examine her face, she says he sardonically said, "Sure.. you're white!" He asked her to exit her vehicle and arrested her without probable cause. He then made her sit in the back of his car.

She says that the cop and the other officers who were there laughed when she said the handcuffs hurt. She claims she was interrogated for hours and underwent a very humiliating and invasive physical search. She that says one cop "felt" her up in a way that made her feel as if she were the victim of sexual assault. She says the police officer pressed his body close to her body while breathing heavily on her neck.

The plaintiff says that she was placed in a Newport Beach jail cell until a friend was able to secure a bail bond for her. She claims the cops never told her about her rights while they detained her.

Police Brutality
Arresting someone without probable cause is considered a false arrest and can be grounds for a police brutality lawsuit if there is evidence that the police officer exceeded his or her authority and abused power to make the arrest. False arrests are also a violation of an American's Fourth Amendment rights.

Police officers must abide by strict rules when doing their job. They are not allowed to use excessive force, verbal abuse, or sexually assault or fondle a suspect or anyone else for that matter.

Police brutality can be grounds for an Orange County, California personal injury claim or lawsuit.

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