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Los Angeles Bike-Sharing Program on Hold

December 31, 1969

The public bike-sharing program we were look forward to might be delayed a little longer than we thought. According to CBS Los Angeles, Angelenos might not be able to rent a bicycle from a kiosk for some time yet.

This setback comes about a year after officials with the city announced a more than $15 million partnership with Bike Nation. This bike program would be the second-largest bike sharing program in the country.
Tustin-based Bike Nation kicked off operations in Anaheim back in July of 2012. This operation included 10 kiosks and 100 bikes. But an advertising snag has delayed a similar launch in the city of L.A. after the company planned to advertise on the 400 kiosks where you would rent bikes.

Our Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers understand that a City Council Transportation Committee report released back in April said that an advertising contract already in existence between the city and two other firms will likely prevent any deal from being made in the short term. As you know, we've got to fund these kinds of programs to keep them running. Unfortunately, a corporate sponsorship may be our last hope in getting this program off the ground. But that's not expected to be on the table until next year (at the earliest).

Many bike enthusiasts in the area are bummed, saying that this bike-sharing program would be able to help save our environment and get people back on track to healthy living.

Back in May, New York City launched its bike-sharing problem (called Citibike). In just the first 10 days of the program, residents and visitors took 100,000 rides. Clearly it's a success!

But this success comes with a price -- increased risks for bicycle accidents.

In 2011, our nation saw close to 700 bicyclist fatalities. While it's lower than the 830 fatalities we saw in 1995, it's a number that could be on the rise with more riders out there.

The current numbers represent just over 2 percent of the total number of people killed in traffic crashes in 2011. . However, we know from research into hospital records that only a fraction of bicycle crashes causing injury are ever recorded by the police, possibly as low as ten percent.

If you're hopping on two wheels any time soon, remember that cyclists may ride on sidewalks unless they exhibit "willful" or "wanton" behavior (in Los Angeles). In San Francisco it is forbidden, except for bike riders under age 13.

Our city has more than 1,000 miles of bike trails. Unfortunately, many of those "trails"
are along busy roadways in which bicycles and motor vehicles have to compete for travel space. It's important to remember that we all have a right to the road and we have a right to share it safely. Be safe and lookout for one another out there to help to reduce your risks of an accident.

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