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Talent Manager Accused of Los Angeles Child Sex Abuse

December 31, 1969

Police have arrested Martin Weiss, a Hollywood talent manager, for allegedly sexually abusing one of his clients. Weiss represents young actors. His apprehension was on suspicion of committing lewd acts upon a child under age 14.

The alleged victim, who is now 18 and an aspiring musician and singer, says that Weiss sexually assaulted him 30-40 times over a 3-year period until he turned 15. He claims that Weiss said that this type of relationship was common in the entertainment industry.

Per an affidavit about the Los Angeles sex abuse allegations, Weiss admits to having had sexual contact with the alleged victim, but he claims that the boy was not a reluctant participant.

Weiss' talent firm is called Martin Weiss Management. It is not known at this time whether there are other alleged victims.

Sex Abuse
The issue of child sex abuse has been in the headlines a lot lately. Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State University Assistant Coach, is charged with 40 criminal counts related to the sex abuse of a number of boys. He maintains that he is innocent.

One alleged victim has already filed a civil lawsuit seeking damages from Sandusky. Also named as a defendant is Penn State. The plaintiff, now 29, is alleging "institutional" concealment and failure. He says that Sandusky sexually abused him over a 100 times during the 1990's. Meantime, legendary Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno has been fired over the sex abuse scandal.

Also making national headlines is Bernie Fine, the associate head coach of Syracuse University's basketball team. At least three males have come forward claiming he molested them when they were younger. Fine has since been fired from Syracuse.

Sex Abuse
Sexual abuse causes serious and likely lifelong emotional injuries. Physical injuries may also result--especially if sexual assault or rape occurred. In many instances, sex abuse is committed by perpetrators that know the victims.

Victims may too be scared to report what happened right away or they may not understand what is happening. Some may even repress the memories, which can take years to resurface.

As the victim of child sex abuse, you (or your child) may be entitled to Los Angeles personal injury damages from the abuser and anyone that allowed the abuse to occur despite having a duty to protect. For instance, the sex abuse lawsuit against Sandusky is also seeking damages against Penn State University because the school didn't act to prevent/stop the alleged abuse from happening.

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