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Los Angeles County High School Student Who Committed Suicide by Jumping From Building Was Bullied, Say Parents

December 31, 1969

According to the parents of Drew Ferraro, the 15-year-old was the target of bullying by classmates in the months leading up to his death. The Crescenta Valley High School sophomore killed himself earlier this month by jumping from a school building in front of other students.

Although police initially had stated that bullying didn't appear to be a factor, Ferraro's mom, Deanna Ferraro, is now saying that her son's journal chronicles incidents of name calling, punches to his back, pushes down the hall, and the pulling of his backpack. If this prove to be true, her family may have grounds for pursuing a Los Angeles wrongful death case.

Bullying in schools appears to have escalated to something more dangerous than child's play--or perhaps it was always this way but it's only now that we are seeing the ramifications that can result. One need only refer back to the case of Phoebe Prince, who killed herself after months of being bullied by classmates in-person and online. The 15-year-old hanged herself in 2010. Her younger sister found her body. Prince's parents later settled their wrongful death lawsuit with the school district for $225,000.

As our Los Angeles personal injury law firm has reported in the past, schools can be held liable for failing to protect kids from injury or death in situations/accidents that could/should have been prevented. "Bullying can cause psychological, emotional, and physical injury," said Howard Law PC Partner and Los Angeles child injury lawyer Vincent Howard. "Verbal, virtual, and physical bullying can make a child's life a living hell. No one should have to exist under those circumstances." Schools should make sure to create an environment that has no tolerance for bullying or any other type of classmate abuse.

Bullying can lead to physical injuries, emotional trauma, psychological damage, low self-esteem, depression, a decline in school performance, and suicide. Bullying can range from name-calling--this is still abuse--to harassment, getting ganged up on, assault, and even death. Cyber bullying has also become a way to harass a fellow student in this Internet age. Texting mean or rude messages to a target, spreading rumors via text and e-mail or on Facebook, setting up Web sites or posting video that embarrass or make fun of someone are other ways that bullying can now occur.

"If your child suffered harm because he/she was bullied, you should speak with a Los Angeles County personal injury law firm right away to find out whether you have a case," said LA injuries to a minor lawyer Vincent Howard.

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