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Los Angeles Motorcycle Accidents a Winter Risk

December 31, 1969

At roughly 8:00 a.m., Valley Traffic Division officers were sent out to a fatal traffic accident that happened at the intersection of Roscoe Boulevard and Yarmouth Avenue.

According to The Guardian, the preliminary investigation shows that the accident happened when a van was heading west on Roscoe and went to make a left-hand turn into Yarmouth Avenue. This is when the van crossed right into the path of an oncoming motorcyclist. Following the collision, the motorcyclist was critically injured. He was taken to a local hospital. The driver of the van was not injured in the accident.
Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers understand that there were more than 4,500 motorcyclists killed in traffic accidents in the U.S. in 2010. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were another 82,000 motorcyclists injured in these same incidents. Both of these numbers show an increase from the year before. In the state of California, there were more than 340 motorcyclists killed in traffic accidents in 2010. We ranked as the third most dangerous state in the country for these kinds of accidents.

With the beautiful weather we've got here year round, it's no wonder why we have so many motorcyclists. It's only expected to get worse out there. We're in the heart of tourist season and we've got spring break quickly approaching. Both of these events bring motorcyclists to roadways across our state. We're calling on drivers to be more cautious out there and to help to protect our two-wheeled friends.

According to USA TODAY, we need to keep a special eye on our older motorcyclists. According to a recent study, our older motorcyclists are suffering more severe injuries in traffic accidents than our younger riders. This is especially important when we look at who's riding motorcycles nowadays. With the aging Baby Boomer population, we're seeing more older riders now than ever before. Back in 1990, only about 10 percent of motorcyclists were over the age of 50. In 2003, this older age group only accounted for about 25 percent. That number is even higher today.

According to a study from Brown University in R.I., researchers looked at close to 2 million emergency room reports to see just how at risk these older drivers are. While most of the injuries occurred to the younger riders (between the ages of 20 and 39), the most severe injuries occurred to riders over the age of 60. It was so serious that they were three times more likely to be hospitalized after an accident and close to three times more likely to sustain a serious injury. Unfortunately, they were also more likely to sustain serious internal injuries -- especially brain injuries.

Regardless of your age, it you're riding a motorcycle we're asking you to be safe and cautious out there. You can't rely on the driving habits of other drivers to keep you safe. Be proactive and drive defensively to help to protect yourself.

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