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Los Angeles Plastic Surgery Malpractice?: California Sting Operation Shuts Down West Hollywood Clinic

December 31, 1969

The Calayan Surgicentre Corp. has been temporarily shut down, following a sting operation by California regulators. The Los Angeles plastic surgery clinic has also been charged with practicing medicine without a license.

Medical Board of California began investigating the clinic after receiving complaints that people had been injured by laser treatments, Botox procedures, and other medical services. During the sting, at least one employee was discovered pretending to be a doctor, diagnosing a medical condition, and conducting laser treatments. If anyone was injured as a result, the clinic could be held liable for Los Angeles medical malpractice for letting an unqualified person pose as a physician and treat patients.

The West Hollywood clinic is owned by Pie and Manny Calayan. Although their Facebook pages and website refers to them as doctors, they don't have a license to practice medicine in the state of California. They do, however, have medical school diplomas from the Philippines. They also have certificates of memberships in US medical associations that allow doctors with licenses from abroad to join. The clinic's website promotes Manny as someone trained in the US.

If you or someone you love was injured while undergoing cosmetic surgery, at the Calayan Surgicentre Corp. or any other plastic surgery center, you may have reason for filing a Los Angeles plastic surgery malpractice lawsuit against the medical professional that was negligent.

Examples of injuries that can occur because of California plastic surgery malpractice:
• Blood clots
• Disfigurement
• Resurfacing complications
• Infection
• Anesthesia complications
• Traumatic brain injury
• Over-correction
• Nerve damage
• Under-correction
• Scarring
• Wrong-size implants
• Necrosis
• Seroma
• Rippling
• Asymmetry
• Encapsulation
• Breast implant leakage, deflation, or rupture
• Alterations to nipple sensation
• Nipple cover loss
• Rippling
• Dry eyes
• Burning
• Pulmonary embolism
• Too much skin taken off
• Blistering
• Emotional trauma
• Damage to the physical appearance
• Abdominal perforations
• Internal bleeding
• Skin discoloration
• Organ penetration
• Death

Los Angeles plastic surgery errors can cause serious pain and suffering and, depending on the injury that results, can scar a victim, marring his/her physical appearance for life. Considering that many people seek plastic surgery to improve or enhance their appearance, this opposite outcome can be very traumatic, altering the patient's well-being, emotional state, personal life, and/or career.

Plastic surgeons, like all physicians, must provide patients with a basic level of care. When inadequate training, inexperience, carelessness, or recklessness results in a patient getting hurt or suffering health complications, he/she may be able to file a Los Angeles personal injury case.

You will want to work with a Los Angeles plastic surgery malpractice law firm that knows how to determine what happened and who was at fault. In addition to the negligent physician/(another) medical professional. You also may be able to seek damages from the hospital or center where the botched procedure took place. The statute of limitations for filing a California medical malpractice case is one year from the date of discovery that a negligent act occurred. However, no more than three years can have passed since when the injury actually happened.

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