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Los Angeles Plastic Surgery Malpractice: Woman Sues Santa Ana Doctor For Botched Breast Implants

December 31, 1969

Mark Anthony Knight, the Santa Ana plastic surgeon who was forced to give up his medical license after he was accused of having sex with a patient, is now the defendant of a Los Angeles, California medical malpractice lawsuit. The plaintiff is a woman who says that he gave her breast implants that were too big.

Elisa Geraci claims she initially wanted a breast lift but that Knight suggested that she get breast implants. Geraci contends that she agreed to C cup implants but when she woke up her breasts were so big they caused her to "look like a monster." She accuses Knight of refusing to remedy the medical error. Gerasi has since gone to another plastic surgeon and had the implants taken out.

Knight lost his license in 2010 to settle the sexual misconduct allegations. Earlier that year the California Medical Board accused him of having inappropriate sexual contact with two patients. He allegedly had sex with one patient while her spouse and kids were in the waiting room. He also allegedly kissed another patient even though she rebuffed his advances.

"Plastic surgery, like any other surgery, is a procedure to be taken seriously--even done when for cosmetic purposes," says Howard Law, PC partner and Anaheim medical malpractice attorney Vincent Howard. "It is important that plastic surgeons don't make any mistakes that cause serious injury, problems patient's physical appearance, or any health complications."

In Southern California, where the pressure to maintain a beautiful physical appearance is high, it is not uncommon for both men and women to undergo plastic surgery. It is important that the doctor who performs your procedure is experienced in this field of medicine and has the skills to do a proper job.

Risks associated with getting breast implants:
• Infection
• Wrong implant size
• Toxic shock syndrome
• Breast pain
• Chest pain
• Leaks
• Ruptures
• Deflated implants
• Scarring
• Asymmetry
• Rippling
• Nipple numbness

Breast implant procedures are costly enough to begin with, but add the expenses of corrective surgery and additional treatments and the medical bills can really start to skyrocket. These damages don't even include the complications that can arise from these serious risks if any of them do manifest.

"You want to make sure that you work with a Los Angeles personal injury law firm that knows how to determine who should be held responsible" said Anaheim plastic surgery malpractice attorney Vincent Howard.

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