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$18.3M California Traumatic Brain Injury Verdict Awarded to UC Davis Doctor Injured in Pedestrian Accident

December 31, 1969

A jury has awarded $18.3 million to Cathy Liu for a brain injury she sustained during a California pedestrian accident in 2007. The defendant in this case is the city of Sacramento. Due to a pretrial agreement, damages are capped at $6 million.

A car hit Liu, now 29, on July 6, 2007 while jogging. The UC Davis doctor and former interest still suffers from aphasia, which has impaired her speaking ability, and she also has partial paralysis on her right side.

Lu's California traumatic brain injury case focused on the quality visibility along the road where she was struck. According to her personal injury attorney, the city was negligent in its supervision and control of the Freeport Boulevard "S" curve and didn't warn drivers going toward the curve, which slides around the Taylor's Market complex, that they are approaching a crosswalk. That pedestrian lane was where the vehicle hit Liu.

The driver of the vehicle that hit Liu, 67-year-old Douglas Wayne Seybert, was initially named a defendant in her California car crash lawsuit, but his name was later dismissed. City court papers said that he had removed his foot from the gas pedal and his vehicle was only moving at 18 to 20 mph when he struck Liu. Seybert, who has admitted that he suffers from vision problems because of diabetes, was found 39% liable for the California pedestrian accident. They found Liu 10% liable and the city of Sacramento 51% liable. The jury's findings were different from that of the police department, which determined that Liu was 100% liable because she violated Vehicle code provisions that prohibit pedestrians in unmarked or marked crosswalks from stopping or delaying traffic unnecessarily.

Orange County, California Traumatic Brain Injury Cases
Living with a brain injury can change a person's life in every single way. In addition to physical impairments and emotional disabilities that can result, the person's career and personal life may be adversely affected. The medical costs from living with the effects of a TBI can be astronomical.

The outcome of this case is a clear example of why--regardless of what the authorities say--you should still explore your options with an experienced Anaheim brain injury lawyer. If Liu hadn't filed her lawsuit, she wouldn't have been able to recover compensation for her TBI.

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